Masterfeeds has served farmers, ranchers and poultry producers through researched based animal feed formulations, ingredient innovations, feed manufacturing technologies and the distribution through dealer and direct sales. From feeds for horses, sheep and goat feeds, poultry feeds, specialty animal feeds, beef feeds, dairy feeds and swine feeds, Masterfeeds’ Nutrition Programs are backed by a skilled group of animal nutrition experts – experts by specie, and/or experts by Canadian region – who collectively formulate for the ranges of forage and health requirements, by life stage or performance stage of the specie and by the challenges and opportunities they see on a national scale.

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1020 Hargrieve Road , London , Ontario N6E 1P5 Canada

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We are an organization of people with the collective purpose of adding value to the lives of our customers, dealers and employees. Masterfeeds is a proud Canadian company that grew with the nation throughout the twentieth century. The lives and achievements of those who built Masterfeeds, personify the pioneering ambition and spirit of this country.

From research and development, to delivery and mill operations, to dealer service and transport, we strive to hire the best of the best. With over 85 years of quality, proven results-backed feed inside the bag, along with responsible business decisions and leading industry innovations have strengthened our company over time. We are proud to have helped grow Canadian livestock herds, poultry flocks, back yard animals and pets – and we couldn’t have done it without committed, ag passionate people who continue to strengthen Masterfeeds and support Canada’s farmers and ranchers day in and day out.

Our people come from every corner of Canada and beyond. They are the face of our country, in all its diversity. Masterfeeds makes diversity one of its priorities, which means reflecting Canada and its regions, as well as the country’s multicultural and multiracial nature.

Diversity encompasses a wide range of visible and invisible attributes that are integral to the theme of inclusion. Canada’s population is made up of a wealth of cultures, linguistic and ethno-cultural communities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, religions and people with different abilities. Each of us contributes to the collective success of the organizations.

Masterfeeds also focused on attracting a diversified talent pool, thus ensuring that diversity is incorporated into the way it recruits and develops its workforce. Through this commitment, the Corporation can leverage our society’s similarities and differences as it strives to become a more open, inclusive and progressive organization.

We are proud to create an environment where all of our people can succeed.

It has been and will continue to be the policy of Masterfeeds to be an equal opportunity employer. In keeping with this policy, Masterfeeds will continue to recruit, hire, train and promote into all job levels based solely upon job-related qualifications without regard to race, color, religion, creed, age, sex, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, veteran or military status, genetics or citizenship status.

As a leader in the Canadian animal nutrition industry, Masterfeeds will serve livestock and poultry producers with research based and proven animal feeding solutions – supported by skilled employees, dealers and sales staff who are accountable to the ongoing success of our customers and stakeholders. To guide a responsible, aware, forward thinking company, we strive to measure all we do to meet our five Guiding Principals.

  • People
    A people business
    We strive to ensure our people know they are appreciated, they understand what is expected of them and they have the tools and training to excel at their responsibilities. We support future farmers. Youth are the future of our changin industry and through programs and sponsorships we are committed to supporting their development.
  • Service
    Supporting Customers
    We support customers with nutrition programs, exceptional products, thorough research and development, animal health advice and industry expertise through genuine, knowledgeable and friendly customer service. Sketch of man presenting with a chart in the boar
  • Manage Risk
    Creating resilience
    We create stability through tight management of expenses, logistics, protocols and procedures to control costs and we understand that receptiveness to change is essential for progress.
  • Safety
    Awareness & Action.
    We expect safety compliance 100% of the time. Safe workplace practices for all employees is of utmost importance.
    Bio-security and animal health protocols are followed daily and reviewed regularly with high level attention and actions at all times.
    Sketch of the planet earth
  • Responsibility
    Better for everyone.
    We support on-farm animal welfare practices at all times.
    We consider the impact on the environment in all we do. Reducing our footprint and choosing the most responsible options wherever possible.