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May Wes Manufacturing is located in the heart of farmland in Hutchinson, Minnesota. Surrounded by agriculture, the company is heavily influenced to serve the Ag market. Our products are used across the seasons, from Spring planting, tillage, harvest, and winter. Our products also cover a wide range of grain handling applications. May Wes has mastered working with high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) material. We found that equipment lasted much longer and passed through the fields with amazing ease by attaching durable, high quality poly to field equipment in spots of highest stress where friction is greatest and where dirt and debris build up cause parts to wear out faster. The poly material has been superior compared to the equipment`s original factory steel components, thus making the May Wes line of Poly after-market products an ideal choice for replacement and extending the life of the equipment’s high-wear areas.

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120 Eastgate Drive SE, P.O. Box 7 , Hutchinson , Minnesota 55350 USA

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Our engineers stay current with new Ag equipment releases and are resourceful to  provide a poly alternative. May Wes prides itself by making sure all products have been FIELD-TESTED and FARMER-APPROVED before being offered them to you. With high  standards of quality and workmanship May Wes remains committed to manufacturing high quality parts and products. 


The origination of May Wes dates back to 70’s, with Wesley and Mavis Bruns who saw ways to make farm equipment more efficient. They set the basis for our innovation and workmanship standards. 

In July 2002 the ownership of the company transferred to Tom Daggett, President of Pride Solutions, where May Wes became a division of Pride Solutions.  Pride Solutions continues to grow the business and has these other divisions.