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  • Smart Feeding Technology

    Smart Feeding Technology

    SILOKING presents the self-propelled feed mixer SILOKING SelfLine Smart 5 for the first time. The width of the new self-propelled is only 2.06 me-tres. This makes for easy and low-cost mechanising and optimising of feeding, even in barns with cramped conditions and narrow feed tables. So, the SelfLine Smart 5 offers the perfect entry into TMR feeding, especially in the case of difficult building situations. Typical users include both smaller dairy...

  • SILOKING - Model 1612 - SelfLine Compact

    SILOKING - Model 1612 - SelfLine Compact

    All SILOKING SelfLine models from 12m³ to 20m³ have mainly the same assemblies. Many assemblies, from the comfortable driver’s cabin to the big fuel tank, are identical, which is a big advantage in a service case as this allows for quick spare parts supply in the field. So, all models benefit from the experience gained during research and development in the same way. The low machines with 12m³, 13m³ as well as 16m³ are...