Mayo Healthcare

Mayo Heallthcare is an Irish based Animal Nutrition and Healthcare company. We promote an innovative and effective product range primarily focused on the nutritional and healthcare requirements of large farm animals. Established in 1987, We are a wholly owned and managed Irish company based in Westport, Co. Mayo and have a successful track record of product innovation, manufacturing expertise and hands-on market service. We operate in a country where the success of quality agricultural output plays a key role in the economy. From our inception, we have engaged with leading Irish scientists at the National University of Ireland and at Teagasc (Agriculture and Food Development Authority Ireland) in our product research and development programmes.

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Unit 15, Westport Industrial Park , Westport, Co. Mayo , Ireland

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for environmental applications.
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Our manufacturing operations are licensed by the Irish Department of Agriculture. Both the Irish Medicines Board and the Irish Department of Agriculture review and classify our products prior to market launch.
The company’s technology focus has been primarily based on slow / sustained release nutrients that are a very necessary and key part of the diet of livestock. Utilising sustained release tablet technology applied through the animal’s drinking water, our trace element and vitamin products such as Easi Trace (Multi Trace Element & Vitamins), Aquadyne (Iodine), Aquasel (Selenium) and Aquacopp (Copper) have significant advantages for the farmer as they require very little labour and no animal handling.
Other company products include an intra-ruminal Copper and Copper & Selenium bolus, Cobalt Pellets / Boluses  for sheep, Pre and Post Calving Mineral Blocks,  Hoof Care & Hygiene products for cattle and sheep, Scour Reduction products for calves, Flush Cleansing boluses, Teat Sealant, Metabolic Products and more.