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The specialization in the manufacturing of dusters enables us to be a point of reference for farmers, dealers of agricultural machinery and manufacturers of sprayers.Our dusters assures to the users rapidity and functionality of work maintaining a full working order in the years with the minimum mintenance.We are in possession of our moulds for the production of most of the components of our dusters. We have moulds for tanks and diffusers in polyethylene, for casting in special materials for mixers and closing powder levers, for casting for gears boxes and for conveyors-house of the fans in aluminium. We manufacture directly the multipliers with conical helical gears and balanced steel fan with pressed vane.

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Via Repubblica 79 , Stradella , Lombardy 27049 Italy

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Internationally (various countries)
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Direct production of agricultural dusters

We do almost all the manufacturing work within the company so we can perform a direct check on the quality and optimise the production times to meet even the most specific customer requirements.

We have our own moulds for the production of: tanks, sleeves and polyethylene nozzles, casting in special material of the agitator and the main powder tank, aluminium castings of gear boxes and fan housings.

We carry out direct in-house production of multipliers with spiral bevel gears and dynamically balanced steel fans with moulded blades, the frames, the details such as the adjusting rods, end caps, accessories, etc.

We have designed for many years with foresight to the circular economy, the future of the new generations.

Mr. Bergonzi Vittorio nicknamed Germano founded our Company in 1965 in Stradella, lively and enterprising small town situated on the foot of the hilly vineyards of the Oltrepò Pavese. The first agricultural dusters were planed and manufactured with the fan under the tank and the mixed system of distribution of powder. It consists in the work at the same time of three action: mixture – precipitation – suction which optimizes the constant going-out of the product to the diffuses.

Even after many years the simple and functional MB system is still current and it is one of the reasons who allows our dusters to work with any type of sulphur or other dry powder products in continuous and uniform way. 
The quality of the components made used and the professional experience acqired in the years give a good functionality working and reliability in time of our machines, obtaining more consideration on Italian and Foreign markets.

Subsequently the Company became MB putting beside the manufacturing, the commerce of other agricultural machineries and gardening with customer service. The head office of the Company was transferred from Via Garibaldi, 98 to the actual of Via Repubblica, 79. We obtain a good result because the logistic of transport is better and the manufacturing cycle is optimized.
Craft features of our Company permits us a quality and flexibility work assuring prompt deliveries, reliability, professional seriousness and customer consideration.

Specialisation in the production of agricultural dusters for sulphur and the craftsmanship with which they are produced, have meant the company has become a point of reference for farmers, resellers and other manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

The quality of the products offered and their reliability have made MB Bergonzi one of the leading companies in the world of agricultural dusters for the treatment of plant diseases such as oidium (also called powdery mildew), Botrytis (grey mould) and many others with sulphur, ventilated sulphur, sulphur bentonite, and copper sulphide.

Today MB Bergonzi is a solid business, acclaimed for the quality that characterises its agricultural dusters. It has operated successfully in the Italian and foreign markets for many years.

In 1965, Mr. Vittorio Emanuele Bergonzi, known as Germano, founded his own company in Stradella in Oltrepò Pavese. Stradella is a small town in the province of Pavia, located at the foot of hills cultivated with vineyards.

In those years the first agricultural dusters were designed and built with the fan located under the tank and the mechanical system for distributing the powder that has always optimised the constant flow of the product on our machines.

Subsequently, the company was named MB and added to production the sale of other agricultural and gardening machines with the relevant support.

Since 1992, MB has been directed by Mr. Valter Bergonzi, Germano’s son.

In 1999, MB Bergonzi moved from Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, no. 98 to its current headquarters in Via Repubblica no. 79 on the road that links Stradella to Valle Versa.

At this site logistics have improved and the production cycle has been optimised.