The history of McCulloch spans over 60 years. In 1943, business man Robert McCulloch founded a company called McCulloch Motors Corporation. After a few years the company moved from Wisconsin to California. McCulloch has a long history of developing powerful and reliable products. The first step was taken in 1949, when we introduced the first American one-man chainsaw. During our first decades, our main target group were professional woodworkers. In the 1970s we began working with garden products for consumers. Today, McCulloch offers a complete line of garden products: powerful chain saws, sturdy trimmers, lawnmowers, garden tractors, and hedge trimmers. Each one provides you with all the power you need to get it done. It is also very easy to get a hold of a new McCulloch, as the products are sold in retail chains in most parts of the world.

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Knowledge and experience

Today, as a part of the Husqvarna group, McCulloch continues to excel when it comes to efficient garden products. The knowledge and experience gained from over sixty years in the business is built into each new chainsaw, lawnmower, garden tractor, trimmer, hedge trimmer…

Features and benefits

Anyone who has ever used a McCulloch is probably familiar with the many features and benefits. Among the most important are:

  • Powerful engines
  • Advanced technology
  • User-friendly
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Robust materials
  • A wide range
  • Lots of accessories

McCulloch Motors produced its first chain saw, a two-man model named 5-49. In 1949, McCulloch revolutionized the chain saw industry by introducing a light one-man chain saw called 3-25. North American woodworking would never be the same again.

During the 1950s, McCulloch Motors continued to grow and expand into new markets. The company changed its name to McCulloch Corporation in 1958. In addition to powerful and world-renowned chain saws, the business now included airplane engines as well as kart engines.

Several world-firsts

Another chain saw revolution occured in 1968, when McCulloch introduced Power Mac 6. Weighing 8.5 pounds fully fueled, Power Mac 6 was the world’s lightest chain saw. The innovations continued four years later, when the affordable Mini Mac 1 hit the broad consumer market. At the same time, the company started to manufacture electric chain saws.

A complete garden range

In the 1970s and 80s, McCulloch added hedge trimmers, string trimmers, and leaf blowers to its product range. The company was now clearly focused on garden equipment.

McCulloch moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1988, opening new corporate headquarters and a distribution facility. Among the product innovations that followed where electric string trimmers in 1998.

In 1999 McCulloch sold its European division to Husqvarna AB. Nine years later, Husqvarna also acquired the rights to the McCulloch brand on the North American market. Since then, McCulloch is a brand within the Husqvarna Group.