McLanahan, a global supplier of processing equipment, systems and solutions, offers a vast line of rugged products and reliable services. Under the leadership and direction of CEO Michael McLanahan, McLanahan now directly offers products and services that are expediently and efficiently handled by dedicated McLanahan personnel in strategic locations throughout the US, UK and Australia. With a legendary and long - standing reputation for excellence as a springboard, McLanahan is dedicated to a stronger and expanded global presence through five targeted points of entry: the US, Europe, Australia and the Pacific Rim; South America and Western/South Africa.

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200 Wall Street , Hollidaysburg , Pennsylvania 16648 USA

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Although McLanahan has long maintained a significant European presence, the formation of McLanahan UK, Ltd. has had immediate and positive impact on our European market plan with sales there handled directly by our UK team. Australia and the Pacific Rim are handled by our Australia team in New South Wales, which has grown markedly in just a few years and is now supplying major customers. Growth and development in the US is reflected in the growing number of new product offerings and major McLanahan plants. Planning is underway for future expansion to include the two remaining points of entry through South America and Western/South Africa.

McLanahan is unique, with our own plants and in-house engineers, machinists, fabricators and assembly personnel, who oversee the complete design and manufacturing processes from the ground up. The benefits of doing business with McLanahan appeal to customers who work in the most demanding industries around the world. Our strategic, “boots on the ground” global presence provides these benefits even more readily and directly.

McLanahan Corporation believes that its values should guide the actions of its employees. By upholding these core and aspirational values, McLanahan is able give world-class service to both its employees and customers.

When defining the company’s values, McLanahan executives also felt it was important to define why the company exists. This reason for existing, which you’ll see below, is supported by each of McLanahan’s values, whether it be how we ensure the long term success of our employees or if it is how we make decisions that will affect the future of the company.

Why Do We Exist?
McLanahan exists to provide long term careers for employees and opportunities for future generations

Core Values

  • Safety - Safety is The Promise to your family
  • Family - Our people make it home for soccer games and dance classes
  • Integrity - We simply do…what we say

Aspirational Values

  • The WOW - It’s A Beautiful Thing when our customers are amazed
  • Continuous Improvement Through Innovation - We’re a clever bunch
  • Passion - Call it Extreme, but we really, really love what we do