Mean Green Products, LLC.

`In 2008, we realized the extreme inefficiencies of outdoor power equipment and decided to develop a powerful, efficient, emission-free zero turn mower. Eventually, we released our first, powerful, residential electric zero turn mower. After much interest from the commercial market, we expanded our product line to include our `continuous` mowing commercial `CXR` models with lead acid batteries. Soon, we developed our `WBX` wide area walk behind mower for smaller commercial jobs. In 2012, after years of testing and development, we released our `Lithium` powered zero turns and walk behinds. The lithium power added huge benefits in power, endurance, and reliability to all of our mowers. Mean Green 2013 models include all lithium powered mowers that can mow continuously for up to 4 hours and all mowers are capable of a 2 minute lithium module exchange for true `all-day` mowing! With huge operational savings and as much or more power than gas engine mowers.

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4404 Hamilton Cleves Road , Hamilton , Ohio 45013 USA

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This company also provides solutions for environmental applications.
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Mean Green Mowers are built with pride in southwest Ohio, USA! As a relatively smaller company, we can react quickly to technology and market changes. We are constantly developing and testing new and improved products to provide powerful and efficient electric outdoor power equipment products. Check back with us often to keep up with some of the coolest new electric innovations!'

Joe Conrad, President

For us, it's all about POWER and EFFICIENCY!

If it doesn't do the job right and with plenty of POWER, we won't build it or sell it! For too long electric products have been associated with 'underpowered', 'slow', or 'wimpy', we want to change that image!

MEAN GREEN MOWERS were designed and built to strong and durable 'commercial' standards for all of our residential, estate, and our commercial models.

At Mean Green Products, we believe that alternate energy products (GREEN) can be both powerful AND efficient. Our products not only perform as good as or better than 'gas-engine' products, but their operating and maintenance costs are only a fraction of the cost as well.