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  • Model F series - Forwarders Cranes

    Model F series - Forwarders Cranes

    Our range of eleven different forwarder models includes the classic F series (based on the Loglift design) and the new M series, which is a brand new Mesera design. Cranes come equipped with either an external or internal hose system. The external is easy to change – even in the most demanding conditions or when a precise replacement is not available. The internal, integrated hose doesn’t jam and is particularly well-suited to skidder...

  • Model M131H - Harvesters Cranes

    Model M131H - Harvesters Cranes

    Our range of six different harvester cranes includes the M131H, which can be mounted on a tractor, and the L280V, which can handle even the largest of harvester heads. Mesera harvester cranes are fitted with a robust and durable slewing system, are easy to use, and offer an excellent range of movements – all of these features ensure that work can be carried out quickly and efficiently with a Mesera harvester crane. The new M240 Series comes...

  • Model M112 R - Skidders Cranes

    Model M112 R - Skidders Cranes

    Our range of four skidder cranes includes the new M112 R, which comes equipped with integrated hoses. Mesera cranes shine thanks to the long outreach achieved with a single telescope and the efficient large pipes and hoses that reduce pressure and speed loss. Mesera cranes help to lower fuel consumption in skidder cranes.