Métavic inc.

Métavic inc.

Born from an ingenious family, Mr. Émile Guillemette started his own business in 1971, supported by his spouse, Mrs. Cécile Gouin. At the beginning, the company was repairing small machinery. Throughout the years, it added to its activities the repair, conception and manufacturing of agricultural machinery. During the first ten years, the log splitters were added to the list of the products manufactured by the small business. In 1982, the promoter, Mr. Guillemette, felt the need to innovate and surprised the competition with an improved product to meet the needs of his clients of the forest industry. From this moment, the first log loader was born. The business has then expanded very rapidly and in 1993, was named Conception Métavic incorporated. Its main activities became the conception and manufacturing of forest equipment and highway trailers. In 2001, Conception Métavic inc.’s acquisitions were handed over to Steeve and Martin Guillemette, both sons of the promoters.

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1439, Rang 1 , Saint-Pierre-Baptiste , Quebec G0P 1K0 Canada
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Conception Métavic log splitters, loaders, and winches: the trusted name in forests all across Quebec

At Conception Métavic, we work tirelessly to stay ahead of the pack in forestry equipment fabrication and truck trailer design.

Quality for us is job #1. The forestry professionals who work at Métavic strive constantly to innovate and improve, ensuring that our customers get the very best forestry equipment there is.

Conception Métavic, a family company specializing in forestry equipment fabrication

1971: Émile, a member of the enterprising Guillemette family, starts his own business with the help of his wife Cécile Gouin. At first, they specialize in small machinery repairs. Over the years, they add agricultural machinery repair, design, and manufacturing to their list of services. After barely 10 years in operation, they begin fabricating log splitters.

1982: Émile feels the need to create and get a leg up on the competition with a breakthrough product for his forestry clientele. His first timber loader is born, setting off a period of dramatic growth.

1993: The company adopts the name Conception Métavic, dedicating itself from this point on to the design and fabrication of forestry equipment and truck trailers.

2001: Conception Métavic passes to the second generation. Steeve and Martin Guillemette, Émile and Cécile’s two sons, take over the reins.

Machinery: because every detail matters

There’s only one forestry equipment manufacturer that’s ready to meet every demand while constantly raising its standards: Conception Métavic.

We manufacture and sell loaders, trailers, log splitters, and winches. The expertise acquired in the development of these specialized products has brought with it a broad, forward-looking vision.

Our thorough understanding of, for example, hydraulic cylinder fabrication and repair means you get the boom and lifting capacity that’s ideally suited to your needs.

Components in our welding workshop are jig mounted to eliminate any risk of error. And with CNC bending and laser cutting, you get the optimum quality afforded by today’s latest tools.

Our new, high-tech painting department gives us greater control over finish quality. We go the extra mile to ensure that your forestry equipment is ready to do the job right.

At Conception Métavic, we have a clear vision of the forestry market. And our reputation shows it.