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Metsis Ltd

Metsis Ltd was established in 2004 for building and selling forest-machines under the brand of `Metsis`. Till now Metsis Ltd has elaborated forwarders and harvesters, which correspond to euro-standards and have successfully passed all tests in Finland MTT Vakola certification centre. Forwarder model Metsis 408F, which was designed in the spring of 2005, has proven to be so successful, that it has been in series production for over 8 years. Variety of products has been expanded by bigger and smaller forwarders for today.

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Väljaküla Saarde vald , Pärnumaa , Pärnu County 86215 Estonia
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 The founder of Metsis forwarder is Mr. Ivo Jürgenson. In 1993 he got the thought - why shouldn’t Estonia, as a considerable logging country, have homemade logging forwarder. Of course forestry forwarder is a sophisticated machine, which is not too simple to build.

It took three long years to elaborate the idea and develop the final design. The stimulus was to build forestry forwarder for personal usage, which would be more reliable in Estonian conditions and which exploitation charges would be considerably smaller than with Scandinavian machines. After establishing his own private company Iftar in 1996 and having a vision how a modern Estonian forwarder should look like, Mr. Ivo Jürgenson started to construct the machine already in the same year.

After a long development period, in the year 1998 the first forwarder which carried diminutive name 'Ksjoma', was finally ready.The name was humorous as it symbolized a machine that was evolved by Estonian engineer, but mainly constructed from east orign components. Mentioned prototype machine was the predecessor for later Metsis machines.

The forwarder looked like the other machines built in Finland and Sweden in 80's and 90's. 'Ksjoma' was mainly built of russian components, cabin and engine were 'loaned' from Belarus agricultural tractor, working hydraulic pump and transmission components, like differentials and wheel planetary hubs were also originated from Russia. The frame of the machine was self-made, as well as the transmission boggie axle housings and loading area components, like loading bunks and gate. The crane used was homemade Siim 33. Operating hydraulic components were of italian origin and drive hydraulic components of Czech origin.

Encouraged by the first successful project, Ivo Jürgenson immediately started to construct the next machine, which was completed in year 2000. Around that time he got an idea to use brand name Metsis, which later become a registered trademark.

The new model also got a model number - MF808. The 2.nd machine in line was completed similarly to early version, but from hydraulic side already known trademark components were used. The drive hydraulics of MF808 were from the German company Sauer-Sundstrand, operating hydraulics from famous VOAC/Parker.

Machine crane was world famous Loglift, model F61FT100 with 10 meters reach. Forwarder was already operated with electrical joysticks.
As he got more inspired by realization, the eager estonian man built a third machine, which birth year was 2003.

How was forwarder Metsis born?

The progress was noticeable. The third machine in row had self-made and more modern cabin, the equipment was supplemented with air conditioner. The electrical joysticks were replaced with smaller electronic mini-joysticks. That gave rise to a new idea – to start producing homemade Metsis forwarders for estonian entrepreneurs. In spring of 2003 the companies Iftar and Logtehnika started negotiations to supply components for manufacturing firm and Iftar had also an offer for Logtehnika – to start selling Metsis brand machines. Logtehnika at that time traded used forest machines and supplied spare parts for other logging machines.

After a year and a half long dialogue, a new and beneficial business idea was born – the companies became partners and established a joint enterprise in the autumn 2004 with the intention to manufacture and market the forest machines.

The new enterprise had the same name as trademark - Metsis Ltd. The partners complemented each other well - Iftar had technical solutions, Logtehnika added potential customers and provided foreign components supply.

Newly established Metsis Ltd. found itself from new economic space, that had recently joined the European Union. Not all the solutions Iftar previously developed were suitable anymore; EU had validated new additional technical requirements. After half a year of intensive work together with components suppliers, Metsis Ltd. issued a new forestry forwarder in the spring 2005 that now met the standards set by EU.
Special thanks to Finnish laboratory Vakola, that tested and sertified the new prototype model.

The new Metsis forwarder bears the model number Metsis 408F and has changed a lot compared to its predecessors. Compared to the older models, it can be said that the well balanced frames have remained the same, all east orign components however are replaced with modern and only well known european and american brands.

Again, the new model has a new cabin, this time already OPS,ROPS,FOPS certified. Self combined transmission is replaced with axles specially made for forest machines by Dana. Machine engine is well known finnish Sisu Diesel, operating system is Parker digital microchip controller system. For crane solutins we offer finnish made Loglift or just as well known swedish Cranab.

Since autumn 2005 the last model - 408F – is in serial production. Development continues and already new models are waiting their turn. During the forestry season 2005/2006 we hope to present new harvester and a little smaller forwarder.

Further Metsis Ltd. marketing plans are not limited only with Estonia, big par of attitude is now directed to the other markets. Some present year machines found a place for self in Latvia and Belarus. We are open for discussions and waiting everybody 'knocking to our door'.