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  • Cubicle Scrapers

    Cubicle Scrapers

    These will scrape cubicle and feed passages of various widths up to six passages can be operated on one Power pack and Control Panel. One Ram-box is installed at the end of each passage and a double acting Ram moves the central draw bar back and forth. The scraper is fitted with a mechanism that moves it forward with each stroke. At the end of the track the Scraper automatically reverses to its parking position, where a switch turns off the hydraulic...

  • Irrigation Systems

    Irrigation Systems

    Greatly limits manpower and the need for heavy equipment. Available in travelling and static models. Field compaction is eliminated. Low compaction means healthier soil and  improved crop growth. Total nutrient management can significantly reduce commercial fertiliser  requirement on specific crops. Waste water/slurry is applied at ultra low rates over longer periods; this greatly  reduces worm kill and run off.   The...