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Cubicle Scrapers


These will scrape cubicle and feed passages of various widths up to six passages can be operated on one Power pack and Control Panel. One Ram-box is installed at the end of each passage and a double acting Ram moves the central draw bar back and forth. The scraper is fitted with a mechanism that moves it forward with each stroke. At the end of the track the Scraper automatically reverses to its parking position, where a switch turns off the hydraulic oil supply.

Joz Chain Slurry Scrapers                                                                                           

Whether you keep dairy cattle, beef cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks or horses, JOZ produces a slurry handling system that is ideal for every type of livestock barn. Please have a look at our wide range of available slurry scrapers.

Grid-scraper Fewer hoof problems - cubicles stay cleaner - no need for lateral guidance - available in fully rubberized design

Combi-scraper Specially designed for concrete floors - high degree of hygiene - simple to install - long life span.

Delta-scraper Readily copes with large amounts of straw - highly suitable for pig pens - variable manure alley widths are no problem - low susceptibility to breakdowns.

Turning System Chain Traditional and solid system - high operational reliability - attractively priced - fully safe-guarded.

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