Midwestern BioAg is an industry leader in biological agriculture. Our staff is well educated and knowledgeable in the principles and practices of soil management, crop production, and animal agriculture. We supply a wide range of products and programs to assist our customers in managing an efficient and profitable operation. Our goal is to create a tailored management plan that incorporates better farming through better soil to meet each and every producer’s production goals for soils, crops, and livestock.

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Midwestern BioAg is an industry leader in biological agriculture with core facilities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Iowa and a sales force and network of dealers that cover 29 states and three Canadian provinces. Midwestern BioAg provides a route to “better farming through better soils”.  We show farmers how to create a tailored farm management plan that builds the capacity of the soil to provide a wide range of economic and environmental benefits for the farm.  We then help them execute on that plan by providing unique knowledge and a range of conventional and proprietary products that increase the productivity of the land, crops and livestock.  Farmers who apply these biological systems increase yields, gain efficiency of inputs and make more money. Midwestern BioAg has been successfully helping farmers for more than 30 years, with over 4,000 farmer customers on more than 1 million acres.

We take a comprehensive approach to farming. Everything has to fit together in order for results to build over time and continue to work.But it all starts with your soil. Our Soil Management Program is an entire strategy. We prioritize and identify your limiting factors. We also consider time of year, application rate, crop rotation, and more. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. We give you a customized solution based on soil testing and asking the right questions. Then we work with you at your pace and your budget. When all is said and done, your soils will be biologically sound and easier to manage. Meaning healthier plants and amazing yields. Year after year after year.

Our Crop Management Program is rooted in a deep understanding of the principles of nutrient release. It’s a story about efficiency and using products that are less detrimental to soil biology. We start by tapping into the science of what’s going on in your soil and taking advantage of the nutrients you already have. Then to get the true benefit and potential of our program, we focus on using the right tillage, fertilizer, soil amendments, seed, and management practices. All of which give your plants bigger root systems, wider leaves, and more growth with less water. The bottom line is that plants need more nutrients than what the industry typically focuses on. With the right approach, we can help you dig out of the mindset where you’re only treating problems. We measure ourselves in efficiencies and long-term growth. And by helping plants reach their full genetic potential.

It’s no secret that healthy livestock are productive livestock. And to keep your livestock healthy, wouldn’t it be nice if you can grow better feeds instead of having to buy them? You can. Our Livestock Management Program is about providing nutrient-dense, mineralized, balanced forages/feeds for animals. Put simply, we work with your soil so it produces more digestible nutrients to maximize a ruminant animal’s health and support its immune system. When you feed forages raised on our program, everything gets easier because the livestock take advantage of those better feeds. We’re conscious of top-line production and bottom-line costs. Remember, you can’t feed a high quality forage ration without a high quality crop. We’ll get you there.

Growing specialty crops takes a specialized approach in order to achieve maximum production. Our Specialty Crop Program takes into account the unique needs of both the crop you’re growing and your needs as a producer. We start by helping you balance your soil. Then we match your crop to a fertilizer that fits and take into account the timing and application considerations for your farm. Ultimately, you’ll improve your soil quality and feed your crop the precise nutrients it needs while keeping your roots free from any damage. No one understands fertilizers and their effects on plants better than we do. And that’s where our customers find the most value—in our knowledge.