Milkotronic Ltd.

The private company Milkotronic was originally established in 1997 with its head office including Research, Development and Production facilities in Nova Zagora. The aim of the company is to develop, produce and sell analyzing modules all based on the ultrasonic principle for dairy products, beer and wine. It started to concentrate on the production of portable ultrasonic milk analyzers with the trademark Lactoscan. Although this milk analyser is a standalone device, it is controlled by own electronic design and software, and is safeguarding the first step in the milk collection system. The company gives the highest priority to these electronics and its software in order to solve any complex problem arising. The company has CE mark (approval for electrical safety) and ISO 9001:2000 certificate for all produced milk analysers.

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4, Narodni Buditeli Str. , Nova Zagora , Sliven Province 8900 Bulgaria

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Agriculture - Agriculture Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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Milkotronic offers series of user-friendly, rapid analysers which can be applied for measurement of fat (FAT), solids non-fat (SNF), density, proteins, lactose, salts, water content percentages, temperature (°C), freezing point, pH, conductivity, as well as total solids of one and the same sample directly after milking, at collecting and during processing.

The new generation ultrasonic milk analyzers Lactoscan make revolution in the milk collection – the milk analyses pass from milk laboratories towards milk collecting centers, farms, and small dairy farms. With 12 V adapters, milk analysis can be moved on the milk collection trucks.

Possessing high accuracy and speed – portable ultrasonic milkanalyzers Lactoscan are competitive with the milkanalyzers of Foss Electric, Delta Instruments and Bentley but on much better price. Their minimal power consumption and lack of consumables make milk analyser Lactoscan attractive for the dairy industry. 

Easy to work with, low cost maintenance and low price make milk analyzer Lactoscan suitable for dairy farms, dairy enterprises, milk selection centers and laboratories.

The marketing activities

The company started to gather experience with Lactoscan milkanalyzer in the local market and after adopting, modifying and improving the quality system sells abroad. There are thousands of Lactoscan milkanalysers sold till now.

Milk quality analysers Lactoscan work in a very efficient and reliable way all over the world. Milkotronic is now selling via agents/distributors.