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Mipe Viviani is a leading company in the manufacturing of Agricultural machinery. In the year 2000 the Company celebrated 160 years of production. During all these years the company has been able to adapt to new technologies still respecting the traditional needs of agriculture. Nowadays, Mipe Viviani is an important point of referral in providing agricultural machinery, it is in fact inspired by the soil on which the machines will work. The Company offers its clients expertise, experience and technology in order to simplify men’s work with machines which have changed and are still changing agricultural methods of production. This tradition has developed experience and technology strictly linked to the issues given by soil working. Such development has brought to a continuous and constant contact with customers in order to satisfy new requirements and solve all those problems that do inevitably emerge.

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Prov.le Colligiana 12 , Monteriggioni , 53035 Italy

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Since 1990, after a commercial reorganisation and a structural renovation, the Company has had a constant increase of its production, with the growth of the listing due to new products, such as the olive harvester, the Faucheux frontal loaders, and the idropneumatic equipments for soil working. The main activity nowadays is still the production of agricultural machinery for soil cultivation, but there is concrete potential in the development of mechanical fruit picking, in particular olive picking for the production of high quality oil. Such development will enable the company to significantly increase its trading activity abroad.

The Viviani Family manufactured machinery for agriculture for generations even if they were few units per year and often under commission. However, thanks to their passion and inventiveness, the Viviani soon became popular across the Italian country. There were plenty of orders, such that the Viviani family continued to produce ploughs for animal traction until the 1950s. These were years of great changes for the agricultural world. In fact, the mechanical traction was introduced, and a big step was essential: the entrance of the Vannetti Brothers. The name of these good craftsmen became rapidly popular across Italy. Since then, a big effort has always been put towards the research of the best techniques and materials. In order to find manufacturing solutions which can render soil cultivation less difficult and more productive. In 1982 the Company becomes Mipe Viviani with the new associates: the Miatto brothers and the Petreni brothers. They will not forget Viviani’s philosophy and will keep creating high quality machinery which varies according to the soil on which the work has to be done. Here starts a new era for the Company. From the initial highly artisan production in 1840 with only a few units per year, the Company now goes onto producing a more diverse range of machines, technologically advanced as required by the market. The development of the Company has followed a dynamic path in the construction of professional agricultural machinery, in order to follow the mechanical evolution of the agricultural sector. This progress allowed Mipe Viviani to be a name representing quality, innovation, and commercial reliability. Still, after 160 years of production. These three factors have contributed to the affirmation and success of the Company in Italy and Europe, becoming a leading Company in its sector.

The Company Mipe Viviani, seats on over 4.000 squared metres, with lands used to test new machines. Currently, there are thousands of Mipe Viviani machines operating in all Italy, proving the reliability and the seriousness of the trademark which has become a guarantee of quality.