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  • Fruit Harvesters- Self-Propelled Harvesters

  • Model 2050 - Self Propelled Harvesters

    Model 2050 - Self Propelled Harvesters

    Height of only 1190 mm for easy operation in small spaces without damaging the branches. Very tight turning radius permitting to turn around the tree in half the space needed by a machine with front steering and trailer.

  • Model 2075 - Self Propelled Harvesters

    Model 2075 - Self Propelled Harvesters

    With just 154 cm in height, and the possibility to add a third brush, the 2075 model reaches a working width of 300 cm, which makes it ideal for orchards with extra low branches. The lowered, cushioned and adjustable driving position provides excellent visibility and safety for the operator. Safety half cabin. The openable pick-up with double rotor facilitates servicing and cleaning operations.

  • Fruit harvesters- Special Equipment for Chestnut Professionals

  • Model 498 - Chestnut Harvester

    Model 498 - Chestnut Harvester

    Specially designed for harvesting chestnuts, this machine has all the features required to guarantee excellent yields. The transmission to the belt, sieve, star valve and lateral fan is fully-hydraulic. The patented de-husker is coated with rubber so that the separation is very effective, and at the same time extremely delicate. Cleaning has been facilitated to enable high hourly yields and lasting reliability. To harvest in damp conditions, the...

  • Model PE 03 - Dry Chestnut Peeler

    Model PE 03 - Dry Chestnut Peeler

    This dry chestnut peeler is driven by the tractor’s pto. Fitted with a twin peeled fruit outlet, it can considerably reduce the storage time in sacks, and peeler depth adjustment always ensures an optimal result.

  • HUSK  - Model M400 - Separator

    HUSK - Model M400 - Separator

    This machine benefits from a proven 3-phase 5.5 kW electric motor capable of providing all the power required for optimal performance. It is fitted with a top container for the fruit, a patented husk-opening system, and an efficient 3-phase cleaning system guaranteeing top quality product.

  • Model V66 - Sizing Sieve

    Model V66 - Sizing Sieve

    Perfect for separating nuts according to size, offering excellent productivity and incomparable versatility. The availability of interchangeable screens to adapt to the different fruit sizes extends grading capabilities. Provided with a 220V electric motor with a reduction unit, it is also fitted with a rocking hopper to facilitate the dropping of the fruit.

  • Fruit Harvesters- Various Fruit

  • Model ASP - Brush Windrower

    Model ASP - Brush Windrower

    The ASP brush windrower is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to gather nuts into convenient rows to make harvesting quicker. Available in a 125 cm-wide version for walking tractors with reverse drive, and tractor versions with width range from 160 to 230 cm and 3-point fitting, with a reversible hydraulic motor and quick-coupling. Hydraulic motor rpm control valve kit (tractor versions): optional

  • Air Windrower

    Air Windrower

    The ideal partner for tractors of at least 60 hp, this machine offers top performance in windrowing operations on uneven ground. It has a twin air outlet with a diameter of 120 mm, two 7.5 m pipes, and two rigid terminals with a reduction for blowing.

Products by Bandit Industries Inc.

  • Hand Fed Brush Chipper

  • Bandit Industries - Model 65XP - 6 - Brush Bandit

    Bandit Industries - Model 65XP - 6 - Brush Bandit

    For over 15 years, the Bandit Model 65XP has served as the mainstay small brush chipper for both rental companies and tree service professionals. Small in stature but big on performance, the Model 65XP features a large 6-inch wide by 12-inch tall throat opening—twice the size of most other chippers in the 6-inch category. Coupled with a single powerful horizontal feed wheel (a dual-wheel feed system is optional), the Model 65XP can easily pull...

  • Stationary Sawmill and Chip Mill Chippers

  • Stationary Sawmill and Chip Mill Chippers

    Stationary Sawmill and Chip Mill Chippers

    Bandit’s new line of stationary sawmill and chip mill chippers use the proven chipper designs found in Bandit’s popular line of whole tree chippers. The stationary chipper packages include Bandit’s Slide Box Feed System to control the flow of wood within inches of the chipper knives, increasing chip quality and uniformity. Steel-slated infeed conveyors are similar to the proven designs used in Bandit whole tree chippers and The...

  • Self-Propelled Stump Grinders

  • Bandit Industries - Model 2650XP - Self-Propelled Handlebar Stump Grinders

    Bandit Industries - Model 2650XP - Self-Propelled Handlebar Stump Grinders

    The Model 2650XP is an extremely versatile machine in the 60-horsepower stump grinder category, well-suited for tree services, municipalities, and dedicated stump grinding professionals. This is an ideal backyard stump grinder with standard 4WD and excellent flotation for traction in difficult terrain, yet it's delicate enough to traverse sensitive yards. Dual drive wheels are easily removable, allowing this impressive machine to pass through 35'...

  • Model 2890SP  - Self-Propelled Stump Grinders

    Model 2890SP - Self-Propelled Stump Grinders

    Bandit’s largest wheeled stump grinder is also a very popular choice for many stump grinding companies needing a high-performance machine capable of quickly clearing large stumps, while also still having the size and maneuverability to handle backyard removals. This powerhouse features a 122-horsepower diesel engine and standard four-wheel drive with dual drive wheels and large flotation tires. With the dual wheels removed, the Model 2890SP can...

  • Track Carriers / Track Mulchers

  • Model 5000T  - Track Carrier

    Model 5000T - Track Carrier

    There isn’t another clearing machine on the market with the power and performance to match the Bandit Model 5000T. This incredible track carrier wields a 108-inch wide bandit-designed forestry mulcher attachment, backed with a 540-horsepower diesel engine to quickly mow and mulch large trees. It rides on a proven CAT® 325EL dual-speed steel-track undercarriage with 800mm wide pads for exceptional grip and flotation over any terrain. The...

  • Model 4000T  - Track Carrier

    Model 4000T - Track Carrier

    The Bandit Model 4000T is a powerful track carrier, easily capable of high-production land clearing operations in just about any terrain. It rides on a CAT® 320L two-speed steel-track undercarriage and features diesel engine options to 460 horsepower, giving the Model 4000T plenty of power to climb hills and clear large diameter trees. Well suited for larger land-clearing projects requiring complete removal such as Ag clearing, remote pipeline or...

Products by PALAX Ylistaron Terästakomo Oy

  • Circular Blade

  • Palax - Model 55 Series - Circular Saw

    Palax - Model 55 Series - Circular Saw

    As standard, the machine is equipped with a silent and smoothly cutting hard-metal blade. The resulting cut surface is smooth and the hard-metal blade is exceptionally durable.As far as possible, the Palax 55 comes ready-assembled. All the electric connections have been accomplished.

  • Palax  - Model Combi M II  - Firewood Processors

    Palax - Model Combi M II - Firewood Processors

    A versatile and fast Firewood Processor for efficient cutting and splitting of trees up to 25 cm in diameter.The conveyor can be swung by about 2,2 m to the side and it can be locked in five different positions. This speeds up the loading operation notably. If you are processing firewood in bags, you can use two stands.

  • Chain-saw

  • Palax  - Model Active Series - Firewood Processors

    Palax - Model Active Series - Firewood Processors

    The user-friendly PALAX ACTIVE firewood processor enable its owner to produce firewood efficiently, effortlessly and easily without forgetting one very important feature: the overwhelmingly competitive price!

  • Hydraulic Log Splitters

  • Palax  Logsplit - Model 60 - Hydraulic Log Splitters

    Palax Logsplit - Model 60 - Hydraulic Log Splitters

    Thanks to its two-hands command, the Palax Logsplit 60 hydraulic splitter is very safe, because the splitting movement stops immediately when one of the levers is released. When both levers are released, the pusher automatically reverses. All the moving parts except the pusher are completely covered by the housing.

  • Skidding Grapples

  • Palax Handy - Skidding Grapple

    Palax Handy - Skidding Grapple

    The robust Palax Handy Skidding Grapple  for friendly to the forest skidding, transporting and piling of trees at low cost

Products by OP Erjo AB

  • Mobile

  • ERJO - Model 2300 SMA - Mobile Chippers

    ERJO - Model 2300 SMA - Mobile Chippers

    Mainly for terminal chipping roundwood. Trailer Built disc chipper incl. cab and crane. Input Table with chain drive. The diesel engines = (1 x 16L V8 Scania 523kw 1st 9L Scania 177kw). Cooling as well as diesel and hydraulic oil tanks, etc.

  • ERJO - Model 15/12 RMA - Mobile Chippers

    ERJO - Model 15/12 RMA - Mobile Chippers

    Intended for chipping at the terminal and forest. Input opening 1200 x 1100 mm. Dual Scania DC 16 V8 1400 hp. Trailer Built drum chipper for separate loader with remote control.

  • ERJO - Model 12/90 R - Mobile Chippers

    ERJO - Model 12/90 R - Mobile Chippers

    Most intended for terminal chipping, but can also perform storage chipping at imagery Bracke or the like. Is also very suitable for chipping rough decayed wood.