Morris Industries Ltd.

Morris Industries Ltd.

Since 1929 Morris has been committed to developing farmer-inspired, superior technology and responsive customer support. We know listening is vital to the development of equipment that will work, endure and improve productivity. With continuous feedback from customers, distributors and dealers we incorporate their best ideas into our current products and technology. This commitment transfers into new product development and is critical to maintaining credibility and having the best available equipment and support in a competitive market. Our company history is grounded in innovation by understanding the needs of farmers. Our commitment to listening and responding led to the world’s first automatic trip release, enabling farmers working stony land to greatly increase the life of their tillage equipment. Trip release technology is still used to this day, worldwide.

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2131 Airport Drive , Saskatoon , Saskatchewan S7L 7E1 Canada
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Globally (various continents)
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The commitment of our founder George Morris had to products and company values remains steadfast. Our drive to develop superior technology and leading customer support pushes our company to find ways to improve grower profitability and productivity.

Quality and Safety First ISO CERTIFIED

High quality manufacturing results from well-designed products, excellent tools and equipment for people to work with, and, especially, well-trained and highly motivated employees. We keep our staff informed, answer their questions, and develop their skills and knowledge as part of our long-term goal.

Our Quality Management System is committed to continually improving our products and services. We have implemented a “Do it Right the First Time” program as we strive to meet customer requirements and continually increase customer satisfaction.

Safety is extremely important to us. We want to make products safely and make them right. We have made great strides in reducing workplace injuries because of an all-round effort and a commitment at all levels of the company. It’s the driving force behind improving safety standards for our customers, our employees and their families.

Our Vision

Equipping agriculture with possibilities through innovation

Our Mission

Superior equipment and technology, inspired by farmers who demand the best

Core Values
  • Collaborative

    The best results come from a conversation of many voices. Always contributing. Always listening.

  • Excellence

    We are committed to continuous improvement and doing our best. It's our standard of performance.

  • Positive

    We believe that every challenge can be met. That hard work pays off. That together we can achieve our goals.

  • Proud

    Like our customers, we take pride in striving to be the best at what we do. It’s why we do what we do.

Living our Core Values
  • Open (Quality comes through communication)
  • Supportive (We understand. We care)
  • Empowered (There’s always a better way to build equipment, and we’ll find it)
  • Accountable (We meet the high standards we set)
  • Innovative (Always engineering, always perfecting)
  • Reliable (High performance products, high quality)
  • Optimistic (We aspire to achieve more. We believe we can)
  • Honest (Integrity in everything)
  • Authentic (Always true to our roots, values and mission)
We are proud of:
  • Our dedicated and innovative team
  • Building superior seeding systems and bale carrier equipment
  • Knowing we help our customers farm better
Our customers are proud of:
  • Achieving higher yields
  • Owning superior equipment that makes their operation thrive
  • Creating a sustainable and profitable business that cares for the land and the people that farm it