MTS srl

MTS srl

MTS was founded by Alfredo Serena, Andrea Bertonazzi and Diego Bertonazzi in Pontenure (PC) in October 2003. The history of MTS of Pontenure revolves around the entrepreneurial success built on one of the specialized crops of the district – tomato growing – and on the perspicacity of the Company’s founders. In fact, not only did they exploit the excellences of the area, but they were also bent on taking the “giant leap”, passing from marketing to manufacturing agriculture equipment. The original core of MTS started taking the first steps at the end of the ‘90s with Saba handicraft firm specialized in the assistance and servicing of tomato harvesting machines, thus later becoming the exclusive dealer of Fmc Food Tech in northern Italy.

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Via Giulio Natta, 25/25/A , Pontenure (Piacenza) , 29010 Italy

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Internationally (various countries)

MTS’s activity is tightly connected with the progresses in tomato crop techniques as well as those of other vegetables. MTS has always followed their evolution by designing the self-propelled machines in order to offer reliable work tools capable of meeting the needs of both farmers and contractors who pay attention to the yields, as well as of the agricultural and food industry, which is mainly interested in the quality of raw materials.

In the near future MTS has the launch of even more eco-friendly motorizations and machines in the pipeline. They are designed to minimize both consumptions and their impact on the environment. They are all means that undertake to respect the tradition of the company of Piacenza, which has always been engaged in developing high-performing, user-friendly, handy machines.

Francesco, Paolo, Ettore and Roberto Casella joined the company promoters in 2008. They took over the tomato harvesters bearing Sandei trademark from Fmc in order to personally commit themselves to designing and manufacturing the self-propelled machines.  

The manufacturing plant in Pontenure – where the self-propelled machines are designed and built - is currently taking up an area of 10,000 sqm, 4,000 of which are covered.