Munckhof Mfg was established in Canada during the late 1970's by Gerard van den Munckhof. At the time it was a small company specializing in bin loaders and had developed sprayers, using a new style of design at the time, they were called "low drift towers". Since then, Munckhof Mfg has developed an entire line of equipment products for vineyard and orchard use, expanded into other areas of agriculture, and started new research and development projects making them a leader in product design and machine capability. 2010 marks the 125 year of operation for Munckhof Mfg in Horst, Holland, a testament to the heritage of building in agriculture that dates back over 150 years. Commitment to change and a strong desire to stay on top keeps us constantly upgrading our facilities and equipment. Our dedication to quality keeps us constantly rethinking our product design.

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