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  • Orchard Equipment

    With high density growing becoming more and more prevalent in the industry and new developments in planting, the picture of the classic orchard is slowly beginning to change, Munckhof Mfg is committed providing the service and product development to lead with the industry.

  • Bin Loader

    Bin Loader

    Bin Loaders are useful not only for moving and stacking bins and pallets but also make excellent platforms for mounting implements saving money on future custom mounts, folding forks keep this machine tidy when not in use. Lifting capacity of 2000lbs with either 60' or 72' lifting heights available. Features include standard 3 spool hydraulic or optional 4 spool cable control with detent.

  • Mobile Picking Machine

    Mobile Picking Machine

    This mobile picking and packing machine was developed in house specifically for small growers working in niche markets, it allows for the packaging of soft fruit with the least amount of handling possible, this makes it possible to leave fruit on the tree longer, providing softer, more flavorful fruit to market.

  • Vineyard Equipment

  • In Line Auger

    In Line Auger

    Munckhof in line augers enable a single operator to easily create new hollows for planting and replanting in established vineyards. Using this machine, old vines can be uprooted, while space is made for new plantings, and above wires and appendage is left undisturbed.

  • Munckhof - Weed Sprayers

    Munckhof - Weed Sprayers

    Munckhof weed sprayers use a high quality 30 Lt/min PTO driven pump, and are durable to give many years of useful herbicide application. Booms are built with spring loaded break-aways, they are available in single, double, or over-the-row configuration, and have also proven useful when mounted to bin loaders or row adjusters. Available in tank sizes ranging from 200-600L (50-150Gal) and comes with standard handle or optional electric valve control.

  • Packing House Equipment

  • Hydraulic Cluster Separation Machine

    Hydraulic Cluster Separation Machine

    The hydraulic cluster separation machine uses a combination of water and centrifugal force to pull clusters of cherries apart. Hydraulic separation is the gentlest form of separation available on the market.