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MX has changed a great deal over the years. When Louis Mailleux took on the family forge in 1951, he could not have imagined that the business would develop into a sizeable industry to become one of the main players in its market, capable of fitting out over 5000 models of tractors. With subsidiaries in Germany and the United Kingdom, we now sell front loaders and front linkages, as well as a wide range of implements in a number of countries across the world: in Europe, of course, Japan, Oceania, South America, Africa and the Middle East. We owe this success to an aggressive innovation policy, actively listening to your needs, as well as the close involvement of our employees. Our positioning is clear. We seek to offer high-end products that use the best available technology to bring higher performance, comfort and safety to our customers.

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19, Rue de Rennes , Acigne , BP 83221 France

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Our expertise

  • Designing, manufacturing, producing and marketing handling equipment for agricultural and telescopic tractors of all brands
  • Offering you a high-quality product that you can count on day in, day out, whatever your needs

Our mission

To offer you products to suit your everyday handling needs, covering three major aspects:

  • best possible safety
  • maximum comfort
  • unparalleled performance

Designing bracket frames for all agricultural tractors available on the market

MX fits over 5000 tractors with both front loaders and linkages. We study 2 new tractors every week, designing a bracket for them, along with a front linkage and a control system. MX loaders, front linkages and controls are therefore compatible with all tractors on the market today - from the oldest to the newest.

 Developing control systems for our loaders

Each tractor is studied with a user-friendly control system enabling the best possible use of the loader.

  • Original tractor levers
  • Propilot System - Cable controls - a simple, proven solution
  • Flexpilot System - Low pressure hydraulic control - the most flexible, cost-effective choice
  • Techpilot System - Electro-hydraulic control for automating loader functions