MYPLANT C/O FitzGerald Nurseries Ltd

MYPLANT C/O FitzGerald Nurseries Ltd

MyPlant represents a range of stunning new and unusual plants from around the world. Countries across Europe, central and South America, and Australasia are represented in the range, and we guarantee that all of these plants are propagated and grown on our Nursery here in Ireland. We have introduced these plants in collaboration with other international plant breeders through propagation and growing trials on our Nursery in Co. Kilkenny. Each MyPlant has undergone a series of trials and tests under a wide range of climatic conditions. When you purchase a MyPlant™ you can be confident that it has passed a range of tests which include, suitability to habit, flowering, disease tolerance, suitability to location, as well as light and water tolerance. All of this work is carried out over a four to six year period under the watchful eye of our research and development team.

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Oldtown, Stoneyford, , Co Kilkenny , Ireland
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Where do MYPLANTs come from?
Our various MYPLANTS originally come from breeders around the world who have discovered a very unusual and exciting new plant. MYPLANTS originally come from a wide range of geographic locations, including Germany, America, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Holland, England and Mexico. However ALL the plants in the MYPLANT range are propagated and grown at our nursery in Stoneyford, Co.Kilkenny, Ireland.
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MYPLANT Research & Development
It often takes 4-6 years from the time we find an exciting new MYPLANT until we take it to market. Before releasing a MYPLANT, we conduct comprehensive trials and testing in a wide range of climates and conditions to test its suitability to habit, flowering, disease tolerance, growing in a pot, growing in a garden, performance in sun or shade, water requirements and more importantly, if the plant will still look good and perform if it gets limited care from the consumer or end user. Not every plant that we are initially excited about comes to market. Through our rigid testing and trial process, only 1 in 20 plants, on average, ever joins the MYPLANT approved range.
Our focus at MYPLANT
Our primary focus is on selecting, growing and marketing a limited number of brilliant MYPLANTS. Plants that help promote gardening as a healthy, enjoyable and relaxing passtime. MYPLANTS make gardening easy for everyone, and once you achieve success with one MYPLANT we are sure that you will be on the road to becoming a passionate MYPLANT gardener!