New Energy Farms

New Energy Farms

New Energy Farms just supply energy crops; we have over 20 years experience. Our main area of expertise is in perennial grasses such as Miscanthus. We provide solutions for the energy crop market, for both farmers and end users. Energy crops provide high quality low carbon feedstocks for energy and industrial markets, and provide profitable options for farmers. NEF provide a service today that allows farmers and end users to establish energy crops such as Miscanthus cost effectively. Over the last two years NEF has supplied the majority of the Miscanthus planted in the US and Canadian marketplace.

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209 Erie Road North , Leamington , Ontario N8H 3A5 Canada

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The market for energy crops in the EU and North America is expected to be up to 80 million acres. Demand for biomass is rising, as a source of feedstock for both energy uses, and also for industrial markets such as new fibre production. To scale to this level requires new solutions. NEF has developed new technology that is unique, and makes this possible. This provides a complete solution to establish, manage and trade large-scale plantations of energy crops cost effectively.

NEF operate from a headquarters in Ontario Canada, and have operations in the US (Georgia) and the EU (UK). NEF have the largest dedicated propagation facilities for these energy crops in North America. We have completely vertically integrated operations, producing all our own high quality plant propagation material for our customers. We fully believe in biomass and grow energy crops for our own use at the offices in Canada, where they are used to heat biomass boilers and a series of greenhouses. NEF is completely dedicated to energy crops, with solutions for growers and projects now, and a pipeline of new products and services. We are not just talking about energy crops; we use the biomass ourselves as well as supplying to others. We welcome any visits by customers or end users that want to come and see energy crops growing at scale.