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  • NEF - Miscanthus

    NEF - Miscanthus

    Miscanthus is a perennial grass, identified as one of the leading energy crops. It is suited best to the production of dry biomass feedstock, for power and ethanol end uses. It has a wide production acre across the US, Canada and the EU. It also has strong fiber properties for both product manufacture, paper and bedding applications. Please CONTACT US for an immediate quote.

  • NEF - Arundo Donax

    NEF - Arundo Donax

    Arundo Donax (Giant Reed) is a warm season perennial grass crop, suitable for production over a wide area of the US. And EU. It is best suited to the production of a wet feedstock, for conversion into ethanol or biogas for AD conversion. It also has strong fiber properties for both product manufacture and paper pulping.

  • NEF - Energy Cane

    NEF - Energy Cane

    Energy Cane (Saccharum sponteneum) is effectively sugar cane selected for a higher percentage of fibre than sugar. It is suitable for production in the southern regions of the US and all regions were sugar cane is grown. NEF are working with a wide range of cultivars across this diverse genus. There is a significant program of work with USDA in selecting suitable high biomass clones.  It is best suited to the production of a wet feedstock, for...

  • NEF - Model RP 200 - Fully Automatic Planter

    NEF - Model RP 200 - Fully Automatic Planter

    NEF supply the NEF RP200 developed by WHL Ltd in the UK. This planter is the result of over 7 years experience in commercial mechanised planting of Miscanthus in the UK and Europe. Working demonstration models are available for interested customers to see. This planter is capable of establishing 50 Acres of Miscanthus per day fully automatically. The NEF RP200 planter can either be used to plant bagged rhizome cuttings or as show below in conjunction...

  • NEF - Energy Crop Breeding

    NEF - Energy Crop Breeding

    Development of new cultivars is essential, to increase yield, expand geographic production areas and facilitate new end uses. It is expected that energy crop improvement programmes will yield significant benefits and also it is essential that NEF provide customers with pipeline of new genetics to continually improve crop production. NEF holds one of the largest germplasm collections of Miscanthus, with an internal breeding program. Our breeding...

  • NEF - Crop Lifting & Processing

    NEF - Crop Lifting & Processing

    NEF also supply equipment to automatically lift rhizome crops, predominantly for Miscanthus. Images show our equipment in operation in North America. Lifting equipment is supplied specific to crop and location needs.