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  • Sweeps

  • Alabama  - Sweeps Tillage Tools

    Alabama - Sweeps Tillage Tools

    Nichols flat back Alabama sweeps features a high crown, seven hole pattern and are intended for use with wing extenders or “hungry boards”. Each wing has two 3/8″ holes for wing extenders.

  • Beet Sweeps Tillage Tools

    Beet Sweeps Tillage Tools

    Nichols beet sweeps have curved wings and take place of both Smith fin and Danish sweeps. Since this sweep runs shallow, dirt does not flow near the bolt head. For best results, use Nichols beet sweeps with Nichols flexible S tines.

  • Quick Change System

  • Model QCIRT12  - Installation/Removal Tools

    Model QCIRT12 - Installation/Removal Tools

    This tool makes installing and removing Nichols Quick Change sweeps and chisels a breeze by directing the force of a hammer blow more effectively. Made to work with 3/16' through 3/8' thick QC sweeps and chisels.

  • Disc Blades

  • Chain Harrows

  • Nichols - Chain Harrow

    Nichols - Chain Harrow

    Nichols now offers both drag harrows and harrow carts, available in several sizes to accomodate just about any job. Depending on the direction the cart is pulled, the tines can become passive or aggressive. By simply folding or unfolding, our harrow carts allow you to get in and out of the field in no time.