Norje Smidesfabrik AB

Norje Smidesfabrik AB

Norje Smidesfabrik AB

Norje Smidesfabrik AB manufacture and develop implements in Sweden for wheel loaders, tractors, compact loaders and forklifts. The company was established in 1943 and has since then always strived to offer effective and robust implements of high quality. Through high demands on the manufacturing process, as well as materials, we can supply implements with strength and durability to customers all over northern Europe. At Norje Smidesfabrik AB we manufacture implements that will last for many years. Please compare us with other brands and notice the difference. We manufacture everything in-house which gives us total control of the process, we use extra high grade steel, we use robot welding for volume products as well as we have the opportunity to make products for special request. We have the experience, the knowledge and the will to supply the best possible product at a competitive price. Please contact us if you wish to have more information.

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Ysanevägen 190 , Sölvesborg , Sweden SE-294 92 Sweden
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Norje Smidesfabrik AB is a Swedish company that develops, manufactures and sells implements for Wheel Loaders, Tractors, Compact Loaders and Forklift trucks.

Today we are represented on three locations in Sweden, in Norje, a small town outside Sölvesborg in Blekinge where all our manufacturing takes place and in Linköping and Stockholm where sales are located.

We offer a wide range of products such as buckets, palletfork frames, forks etc, but we can also bring a product into line with consumer needs and wishes.

The development of today’s machines and frontloaders are leading towards bigger and stronger machines. With this as our starting-point, we have chosen only to offer implements that match the high demands for durability and performance that you should expect. Quality, value and price are all important features in the development of a product, but if they have to be compared, we give priority to quality. That means that we are not willing to compromise quality just because the price is low. On the other hand we will always try to keep the price down if the quality is right.

Norje Smidesfabrik was founded in 1943 by Gösta Hermansson, whose father and grandfather also were blacksmiths. Today the company is run by his son Anders Hermansson together with Rickard Gadmar, Carl-Johan Sunnerfjord and Daniel Gadmar.

Norje Smidesfabrik was founded in 1943 by Gösta Hermansson in the village Norje, Sweden.

The company was founded by Gösta Hermansson in 1943 in the small town Norje. In the beginning the company did various forging work for local farmers and grinders for mink forage. When the front loader was introduced to the Swedish market in the 1960’s, Norje Smidesfabrik began producing among others potato forks, gravel buckets and manure forks adapted for front loaders. This was the start of the Norje Smidesfabrik we see today.

During the 1970’s the wheel loader came strong in the market and the company then decide to produce attachments for these machines as well. The company grew strong during the 1980’s much due to its success with beet- and potato forks. In 1991 the company makes its first investment in a welding robot. This turns out to be a very good investment. Norje is in 1992 contacted by the company Trima, a front loader manufacturer, with the proposal to supply Trima with some attachments, mainly stone forks. From 1994-2001 Norje was the main supplier of all Trima’s attachments for front loaders.

When this collaboration ended in 2001 Norje searched for a new sales channel for its agriculture attachments, and the choice fell on SE Agri Equipment. During these years there were a lot of product improvements, among others the steel quality was upgraded to Domex 650 from SSAB in all buckets, which proved to be a substantial quality improvement. In 2007 Norje and SE Agri merged together and today have sales offices in Linköping and Stockholm.

Since the beginning Norje Smidesfabrik has always strived to evolve with the market and offer products customer’s need and want. There is a continuous development of new and existing products and of production and machine park to meet the growing demand.

One thing that has not changed during all these years is the will to have satisfied customers. By good service and affordable products the customers have returned to the company again and again.

Today Norje Smidesfabrik manufacture’s approx. 5000 attachments for tractors and approx 1000 attachments for wheel loaders per year adapted for the harsh conditions in Scandinavia. The company is today run by Anders and his nephew Joakim Hermansson.