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Welcome to the Norrish Service Group website. An agricultural machinery manufacturer since 1989, the company believes that machinery should be built simple and easy to operate, with top quality and for efficiency, for a fair price. Located in Bakers Hill, the wide range of agricultural products that have been developed are found to be of great help to the Agricultural sector. Owner Neil Norrish is hands-on with the development and manufacture of the machinery, while also keeping in touch with the farming ground roots to remain updated with current trends and practices, and customer expectations of the company`s products.

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349 Berry Brow Road , Bakers Hill , Western Australia 6562 Australia

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Norrish Service Group is located at Bakers Hill - 75 kilometres east of Perth on the Great Eastern Highway.

Bakers Hill was chosen because of easy access to Perth, trucks travelling to the Eastern States are going past the door and ready access for farmers to visit our workshop.

Norrish Service Group was originally conceived in Trayning in the central wheat belt in 1989 and moved to Bakers Hill in 1997.

Established by Neil and Sanchia Norrish (deceased) who had four children, Norrish Service Group is a family business, where their sons, Brodie and Sashsa, assist in running the business.

About Neil Norrish

Neil graduated from Muresk at the end of 1968, and worked on the family farm until the drought hit in 1969. He went shearing for twelve months before joining the Agricultural Department in Kununurra in early 1970. Here, he was involved in cotton and sorghum experimental work on the Ord River Irrigation Project.

After six months in Kununurra, Neil transferred to the Wongan Hills Research Station where he was involved with plant breeding of new varieties of wheat, oats, barley and lupins.

In 1972, he formed a farming partnership with his brother, farming in the Trayning and Bencubbin area. During the partnership Neil established a Boom Spraying business, He conceived and developed the radicle concept of Dual Line Boomspray, there were three contracting units running the Dual Line Spraying concept for four years before it was released onto the market, now the majority of Boom Spray manufactures offer Dual Line Spraying.

In 1981, Neil worked in Libya (North Africa) on a 12-month government-to-government project, where he taught Libyans about dry land farming methods.

After five years (1986), Neil started three years of work in Saudi Arabia where for the first two years he managed nine farms growing 2000 ha’s of wheat under pivot irrigation. During the third year, he was in charge of the design and construction of a five (5) million-dollar sheep project designed to house ten thousand breeding ewes imported from Australia on a one-third replacement program every year from Australia.

The Growth of Norrish Service Group

He returned to Australia in 1989 and established Norrish Service Group, manufacturing of agricultural machinery in Trayning, Western Australia.

Gro Mor Harrows were initially made. In subsequent years, the development and manufacturing of Spray Mor Boom Sprays and the Store More Field bins were added to the range of products.

In 1996, the business had grown to the extent that there were problems finding staff for daily operations. After much searching, the decision to move from Trayning to Bakers Hill, into a workshop of 4,000 square meters was made.

In January 1997, Norrish Service Group moved to Bakers Hill, where the range of agricultural products increased with the development of the Spread Mor Multi Spreader, Swath Mor swather, Ezy Bin bulk seed and fertilizer bin, Kleen Mor grain cleaner and the liquid seed dressing applicator.

Neil carries out all machine designs along with the manufacturing control personally. Although time does not allow for him to tend to his own farm, he is able to keep up with all the new trends, finds out what the farmers want and expect of the machinery that they purchase.

Neil Norrish firmly believes that machinery needs to be simple, easy to operate, well-built, strong and of good quality for a fair price. These are the exact qualities and principles that the Norrish Service Group upholds in the manufacture of agricultural machinery.