Norstar came into existence in 2003 when two entrepreneurs, Ray Waldner and Cam Cornelsen, partnered to begin building grain handling equipment. Ray came from a manufacturing background, having worked for Meridian Industries and Friesen of Iowa and brought a unique approach to the business. Cam owned a contracting company but was looking for a change; he brought his passion for sales and marketing to the business. The two partners took a concept and ran with it, building U-Trough bin unloading equipment for the Western Canadian market. The business experienced exceptional growth in a short amount of time; doubling its sales in the first two years.

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Our History

Norstar Industries Ltd. was founded in 2003 near Rosenort, Manitoba, Canada. Since then, Norstar has grown from a small manufacturer of flat-bottom bin unloads to a full-line manufacturer of premier grain handling equipment with a product offering that now includes multiple unload models, bin sweeps, bucket elevators, conveyors and more. With a dedicated team of employees, Norstar's commitment to providing innovative products with reliable quality has enabled the company to consistently meet the changing demands of the grain handling industry. Today, Norstar products are being utilized in agricultural operations across North America, South America, Asia and parts of Europe and Africa.


Our Team

Norstar relies on a diverse and committed group of people to provide reliable quality and continually stay on top of industry demands. From engineering and design; to the shop floor; to the sales department and finally to our dealer network, our team works tirelessly to ensure that our customers receive equipment that meets their operational needs.

Our Commitment

At Norstar, we are committed to manufacturing innovative grain handling equipment that provides the best value in the industry through high performance and affordability. We achieve this by utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques, cutting edge technology and a focus on building strong relationships with our customers.


Our Purpose

The agricultural industry feeds the world. The ability to become more effective in the way that we plant, harvest and distribute crops is integral to human flourishing. Norstar's contribution is to consistently manufacture grain handling systems that increase efficiency and provide effective solutions to operations around the globe.

Our Commitment to Quality
At Norstar, we are committed to providing a reliable product to our customer. From the very beginning of design to shipment, we utilize cutting edge technology and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest quality in our finished product. With Norstar equipment you can move your grain with confidence.

Our Commitment to Innovation
Being at the forefront of industry advancement is what has driven Norstar's success. Along with providing reliable quality, we are committed to continually improve upon our product offering with innovations that meet the changing needs of our customers.

Our Commitment to Relationships
We believe that relationships are key to providing the best product on the market. Our relationships with our suppliers, dealers and ultimately the end-users of our equipment help us understand how to better meet industry needs with effective solutions. That is why we work hard to develop strong relationships with our stakeholders with the goal of helping each other succeed.