Norwood Sawmills Inc.

Norwood Sawmills Inc.

Norwood is still rooted in those same values – To engineer and build portable sawmills and forestry equipment that are rugged, productive, dependable, versatile and affordable. Norwood owners count on their machines to get the job done, every day. Norwood has earned the reputation as the brand-name you can trust – a reputation for building hard-working, reliable, productive, affordable & easy-to-use machines. In fact, it’s the tens of thousands of Norwood sawmills cutting millions of board-feet of lumber in over 100 countries worldwide that have earned Norwood this reputation.

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730 Young Street, Suite 900 , Tonawanda , New York 14150 USA

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Norwood began 25 years ago with one man’s dream to build a quiet lakeside cabin.  But Norwood founder, Peter Dale, couldn’t afford the high prices at the lumber yard.  He looked at milling his own, but couldn’t believe the high prices expected by sawmill companies.

He made his decision – He would develop a portable bandmill saw that was accurate, reliable, easy-to-use … all at a fair price.  And so, the very first LumberMate was born.

That was the first time many hardworking people could afford a portable sawmill of their very own. Families built homes they had only ever dreamed of.  Woodworkers milled specialty lumber products and crafted unique and valuable furniture.  People made money selling their lumber and milling for others.  The LumberMate revolutionized the world of portable sawmills, and in doing so, changed the lives of thousands of families.

Integrity, resourcefulness, determination and hard work – these are the values we share with Norwood owners.  It’s a real privilege that Norwood sawmills play a part in the magic that they make with wood.  We hope that you take some time to read their stories, look at their photos and see their achievements. Their dedication is truly inspiring.  Perhaps, one day, you’ll see your photos and achievements displayed here too.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us here online.  Hopefully, someday soon, we’ll also get the chance to chat or meet in person!

You want a portable sawmill backed by a brand-name company that knows milling & knows how to build solid, dependable, accurate equipment.

Norwood fits the bill –   

  • Norwood’s been building sawmills for 25 years.

  • Norwood sawmills are hard at work in over 100 countries worldwide.

  • Over 35,000 Norwood sawmills have cut millions of valuable board feet.  

  • Over 50 patents, more than the combined total of all the other sawmill companies around the world put together.

Norwood was the very first company to develop affordable personal bandmills and is the only company to focus entirely on this class of sawmills. Since Norwood launched the first LumberMate, other companies followed suit, selling their own lines of personal band sawmills, but only as an afterthought to their main focus on super-sized, and super-expensive, hydraulic mills.

Norwood lives and breathes personal, portable sawmills – Every Norwood team member, from the engineers to the customer-service, devote 100% of their time and energy to making sure you’re proud to be a Norwood owner.

You want a sawmill that’s productive, accurate, reliable, versatile, flexible, solid, easy-to-use… all at a price that’s fair. That’s how Norwood engineers… and builds… sawmills.