Nuvac Eco-Science Inc

Nuvac Eco-Science Inc

Nuvac Eco-Science inc backed up by expertise of more than 17 years, has been working with several universities and colleges in order to certify their products’ performance. Nuvac Eco-Science inc. specializes in developing products based on bacteria and enzymes used in agriculture (soil fertilization and manure treatment), animal health (food additives and health care products), and municipal wastewater treatment. Our products are recognized by the Canadian government as environmentally responsible and safe for humans.

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4015 Rue Carpentier , Valcourt , Quebec J0E 2L0 Canada
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Develop, manufacture and market innovative biotechnology products


Benefit from the implementation and use of natural solutions.


Promote the natural process of improving the condition of the environment and health in our communities.


Promote the vital importance and impact of Nuvac’s work when it comes to improving human life and environmental quality for generations to come.

Develop, manufacture and market innovative biotechnological products.

Promote animal health and well-being as well as environmental quality by reducing irritants in the air, in the water and in soils.

Offer innovative products and services fostering biological waste water treatment, thus helping decontaminate soils and water environments.

Implement a strategy of alliance to consolidate our position within our industry and thus become a world reference thanks to our scientific knowledge and product quality.

Vision for the future

One of our major challenges at Nuvac Eco-Sciences is to demonstrate the great capacity of our bacteria for highly contaminated site revitalization (soils, lakes, and rivers).

Our second challenge is to apply our technology to animal care, in order to integrate it and enhance humans’ life conditions for present and future generations.