Oakland Corporation

Oakland Corporation

Oakland develops software and it solutions for Grain, Agronomy & Petroleum Companies, Cooperatives, and other Agricultural Businesses. We provide an integrated Grain, Agronomy & Fuel Software, POS (Point of Sale) with Prepaid Bookings, Budget Accounts, Cardtrol, and Scale & Field Mapping interfaces. We specialize in multi-location communications, multiple split-client accounts, and real-time access to OAKLAND Data within Microsoft Excel and other applications.

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414 Broad Street , Story City , Iowa 50248 USA
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Software vendor
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Oakland Corporation was founded in 1982 by Roger Oakland. Roger had successfully developed and sold grain and fertilizer applications for programmable business equipment from 1976 - 1983. Oakland Corporation was formed in order to expand these applications into the newly immerging personal computer industry.

By 1986 Oakland Corporation offered a PC based system with up to 16 users connected to a live multi-location Accounting and Grain system. We specialized in providing onsite installation and training for multi-location grain cooperatives. Presently, half of our employees have over 150 cumulative years of experience as merchandisers, controllers, assistant managers, and managers of cooperative grain companies. Please go to Our Staff to see biographies for each employee.

Oakland Corporation has been profitable each year with the exception of 1989 and 2000. The drought of 1988-89 nearly put the young company out of business, but we completed our software during this slow time, providing our clients with an excellent, integrated Point of Sale and Prepaid Agronomy system. In 2000 we again used a slow time in sales to develop our www.FarmerData.com product. This product provides producers the ability to check their grain and accounting information online.

Presently we have about 100 clients with grain and retail locations in nearly 400 communities. Each customer is updated to the current version of the software at no charge as a part of our Software Support Agreement. Every customer is on the same version of our software! This streamlines implementation of software enhancements and provides for excellent customer service.

Our goal is to provide the best customer service available in the industry. Most customer calls are answered when the call comes in, and our average response time to calls left on our customer service voicemail system is about 20 minutes. All calls are returned before our employees leave for the day.

Employees have to enjoy their job in order to provide this kind of service, and that's why Oakland Corporation has a goal concerning our employees. We want to be the best employer that our people have ever had - or would ever want. We take care of our staff, our staff takes care of our customers, and our customers take care of our company. And it works!

Oakland Corporation and each of us commit to Excellence, Integrity, & Service understanding that happiness comes not from wealth, recognition, nor achievement, but from fulfillment of God's purpose.

This company was founded and will continue to operate on spiritual principles. It is our goal that our individual and corporate behavior should reflect these principles. These principles should produce unity within our employees and their families; and should produce products and services that have lasting value for our clients, communities, nation, and world.

We believe that if we continue to maintain and improve our products and services, and if we create new products and services for the benefit of our clients, our clients will provide growth and stability for Oakland Corporation and for each of us.

Oakland Corporation will develop, market, and support information technologies to, and for the benefit of retail distribution and grain origination companies, their clients, their vendors, and their communities. To the mutual benefit of our clients, our employees and our families, we will continue to promote the values and principles as set forth in our Values Statement and Mission Statement, values and principles which have provided a firm foundation for this company. We believe that this behavior will produce stability, fulfillment, happiness, and peace.