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Ocrim has been operating in the milling sector, silos supply and cereals handling since 1945. It exports around the world its products made entirely in Italy. The theatre of its operations is the world market; Ocrim is present, with its installations, in 147 Countries. The establishment of the Company, over time, has been achieved through the sharing in all its sectors of basic and fundamental values: responsibility, competence, customers focus. To the innovative research, Ocrim sustained its commitment in striving for excellence and managed to attain a world recognition, in the market where it operates, as a point of reference for quality, technical and technological solutions.

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Via Massarotti, 76 , Cremona , 26100 Italy

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Ocrim manufactures milling plants for wheat, corn and cereals in general, feed mills, electical systems, silos and grain conveying systems. Since it has always been specialized in 'turnkey formula' projects, it offers a complete management of the entire production process; from the design of the entire industrial complex, passing through the construction and electromechanical part that takes place exclusively at the historic headquarter of Cremona, to the installation and final testing, providing also the training of the customer staff, to make it expert and independent.

Genius and skill

The bond between the innovative ideas of the engineers and the workforce of the skilled and aware technicians and workers makes sure that Ocrim is known throughout the world as a company that works to ensure high technology and reliabiliry.

Italian Made

Ocrim, thanks to its products, exports the Italian Made brand worldwide. For Ocrim team it's fundamental to witness and document the production and logistics process that is based on the pursuit of quality and design, as real laws of the Italian culture and in particular of a company that conceives the production exclusively in its interior.

The theatre of its operations is the world market; Ocrim is present, with its installations, in 147 Countries.

The establishment of the Company, over time, has been achieved through the sharing in all its sectors of basic and fundamental values: responsibility, competence, customers focus.

To the innovative research, Ocrim sustained its commitment in striving for excellence and managed to attain a world recognition, in the market where it operates, as a point of reference for quality, technical and technological solutions.

While maintaining its Italian foundation, Ocrim has developed a business strategy to satisfy any requirement of the milling market across all continents. To achieve these outcomes, Ocrim has adopted new methods of training of its human resources and the organization of a company structured on a solid management, with international perspective.

The respect of customers and the involvement in their business improvements have motivated the choices behind Ocrim, being a company capable of attaining trust and consolidate its market share. The challenge, for the future, is to succeed in improving further the made in Italy by the added value of our products in the world.

Made in Italy is known worldwide and certfies the Italian production, synonymous of quality. To further differentiate and communicate special care dedicated to the product, OCRIM introduced the terms ITALIAN MADEE; its aim is communicating the Italian origin of the product and ensuring, at the same time, that each stage of the production process is carried out exclusively in OCRIM.

World War II had just come to an end thus the reconstruction works had begun. Reconditioning of war-damaged milling industries was given first priority, to which Ocrim made a fundamental contribution.

After an initial phase dedicated to growing and strengthening itself in the local and national market, the extraordinary dynamism of its founder Guido Grassi, with the strong support of the Managing Director Giuseppe Spinelli, transformed Ocrim from a domestic firm into a leading international Company. Thus the majority of Ocrim's turnover has derived from overseas markets.

Soon Ocrim expanded worldwide, developing a commercial network, with the competence of managing overseas plants and services, training personnel to manage the engineering production, erection and start-up of large milling complexes around the world, also including “turn-key” projects.

To further support this expansion, Ocrim created, without the aid of institutional subsidies, its own professional school of milling technology in order to train technicians in charge of running its plants.

Alongside the company's development, stimulated by on-going research and vast experience acquired with the realization of important installations, its dedication to rapid technological progress is transformed into innovative machine concepts.

Ocrim is now a company facing the future with a renewed management board, as a corporation shaped by the Antolini family

OCRIM has increased its position more and more in Europe in the last years thanks to important references. OCRIM has supplied a 300 t/24h soft wheat mill near Clermont-Ferrand in France. This is a reference plant thanks to its high-technology content and high level of automation. OCRIM continuous presence in Spain has been reconfirmed by a new 400 t/24h sotf wheat milling section installation in the new production sites of the prestigious Harineras Villamayor, S.A. company in Huesca and by a durum wheat debranning line for Semolas Cinco Villas.

OCRIM has realized many milling plants in Italy: a 400 t/24h durum wheat milling plant with turnkey formula near Cremona for Società di Macinazione Molini Certosa; a 120 t/24h maize mill for the production of hominy grits for corn flakes for Molino Peila, placed in Valperga (TO). We must also remember Molino Gabutti, (Carrù, CN) a 50 t/24h soft wheat milling plant for the production of high quality flour fit for an exigent market. Romana Macinazione and De Sortis Industrie Semoliere debranning lines for durum wheat market and the new 200 t/24h plant for Molino Roccasalva in Modica (RG) which is one of the most important milling plants in Sicily.

OCRIM has strenthened its presence in the Balcans by realizing a 300 t/24h milling plant with turnkey formula in Albania. Several renovations both of milling plants and maize milling plants have been carried out by OCRIM in the various Countries of the community. A 90 t/24h durum wheat and a 120 t/24h soft wheat alternate milling plant has been realized in Greece.

At the same time OCRIM is strenghening its presence in the Republics of the Soviet Union by realizing 200 t/24h milling plants respectively in Kostanai and in Aktobe (Kazakhstan) for Grain Industry GSC company. Instead in Russia (where OCRIM has consolidated its presence for many years) two plants have been realized for OAO Makfa which is the largest Russian pasta manufacturer: a 330 t/24h durum wheat milling plant in Chelyabinsk and a 400 t/24h soft wheat milling plant in Kurgan. A contract has been recently signed with AO Makfa for a 360 t/24h durum wheat second line to support the existing one always realized by OCRIM. In the city of Balashov (Saratov region) a 400 t/24h durum wheat new milling plant has been realized. The plant belongs to Italian-Russian joint venture (Colussi is its Italian counterpart) which is one of the market leaders in the country. We must also remember the 150 t/24h soft wheat plant in Novorossiisk and 300 t/24h soft wheat plant in Saburovo. OCRIM is also going to realize a 120 t/24h soft wheat milling plant in 2013 for Vladimirsky Hleb company.

Ocrim S.p.A. Management defines the company strategies in the awareness of the need for an integrated vision of the organization, in which the aspect of “quality” permeates, and is foundation of all other aspects that contribute to outline its strategies. This definite will is clearly documented by the Policy for Quality.

The Quality Policy is the overall commitment that Ocrim takes on the parties concerned: to fulfil this commitment, has been activated a Quality Management System, according to UNI ENISO 9001 standards.

The general trend that rules over the Quality Policy is the satisfaction of the parties concerned, the observation of the compulsory regulations and the provision of the service in a perspective of continuous improvement.

Targets of Ocrim’s Policy for Quality are:

  • Compliance with the requirements (mandatory or otherwise) for the provision of the service, informing the entire organization;
  • Satisfaction of the parties concerned with regard to any contracts or agreements entered into with third Public Party, University or private Company;
  • Updated and adequate technical knowledge and latest technologies;
  • Knowledge up to date laws and appropriate;
  • Clearness of references;
  • Ease in contacts and communications;
  • Effective business process management;
  • Optimization of internal organization and processes themselves;
  • Meeting the requirements of safety, hygiene and environmental protection provided by ruling laws;
  • Expansion and evolution of services in line with future market trends;
  • Implementation of qualitive and quantitative standards.

To this end, Ocrim S.p.A. is committed to:

  • keeping the Quality Management System implemented in the light of UNI ENISO 9001:2000 standards;
  • increase the professionalism of employees and the collaborators;
  • motivate, empower and rise awareness in the personnel entrusted with the management of the Quality Control Service and its continuous improvement;
  • optimize the business process management;
  • preserve the processes efficiency to the standards arranged and, where possible, improve it;
  • maintain a proved reliability of suppliers .

The method to determine the degree of attaining or the deviation from the targets stated in the Quality Policy through the commitments set out above, is to focus on the performance indicators directly related to the management parameters deemed particularly significant.

The main indicators analyzed are:

  • Offer;
  • Sale;
  • Installation design;
  • Procurement;
  • Production;
  • Installation and commissioning;
  • Monitoring customer satisfaction.

Indicators are regularly monitored, also through:

  • audit on a quarterly basis with GIPROS system;
  • Third-party audit by accredited certification bodies and/or control agencies.

Indicators are analyzed, eventually rescaled and modified, in the course of the Review, by Ocrim Management.
Ocrim S.p.A. Management, during the annual Review, evaluate the present Quality Policy in order to:

  • ensure that it is appropriate for Ocrim S.p.A. business purposes;
  • define and review the targets for quality, and for its improvement;
  • verify the continued Policy eligibility.

OCRIM has paid attention to the formative aspect since 1965, when the first International School of Milling Technology was founded.

At the beginning the practical and theoretical training courses were organized at OCRIM's workshop and at the Institute for Technical and Industrial Engineering in Cremona, but the great success and approvals of this initiative led OCRIM to create the own school in Cavatigozzi, Cremona.

Today, the OCRIM Milling Technology School, located inside of OCRIM's headquarters, is considered as one of the company's flagship.

The School, known throughout the world, organizes training courses for the milling sector run by OCRIM staff - project manager, chemists, technologists, head millers, engineers and technicians - and also by teachers and experts coming from the American headquarters of IAOM (International Association of Operative Millers).

The formative experience is the right key to strengthen and divulge competence and knowledge. The high level generally imposed by OCRIM is the drive of each project and for this reason its school has become and is considered a real institution.