Olimac s.r.l.

Olimac has been designing and building corn harvesting machinery for over fifty years. This particularity, which is unique in the world, has enabled the company to concentrate on research and continuous technological innovations. The result is the Drago corn head, a concentrate of high technology with outstanding performance and quality: corn stalk perfectly pressed, complete harvest without waste, exceptional working speed. Drago is at work in all the cornfields in the world. From Europe to the United States of America, from Asia to Australia, is the main point of reference for operators in the sector.

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Via Cuneo, 41 , Margarita (CN) , 12040 Italy

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

Olimac plant in Margarita (province of Cuneo, Piedmont region), covers a company-owned area of over 90.000 sqm.
The plant, which is completely automated and robotic, adopts technologies, management and production systems that are unique in this sector.
Olimac is a ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Research and Design

The Research and Design Department is the propelling nucleus of the whole of Olimac’s business.
Brilliant researchers and designers work in this team, using one of the most advanced CAD-CAM tools in the world. The technology designed and all the production processes are transmitted by the IT network to the machine tools: every working phase is completely controlled.

Total automation

Olimac is an industrial complex with total automation: automated warehouse, automated laser cutting, horizontal work station able to automatically produce gearboxes and gear units for the corn heads, automated turning and welding, automated production of gears. Also the painting is completely automated.

A state-of-the art domotics system allows the coordinated, integrated and computerized management of technological systems and controls all the plant function. In this sector Olimac is the only company able to completely design and build all the components of the corn heads.

100% quality

All mechanical components assembled on the corn heads are controlled by sophisticated measuring instruments, in order to check the correct size. This system allows reaching a higher quality together with a perfect and long lasting functionality of the corn heads.