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Our company OLIS Ltd. is specialized in development, introduction into production, design of the equipment for cleaning, processing, transportation and grain quality control. Research and technical staff of the company consists of graduated specialist in the field of grain processing and engineering, including doctor and candidates of technical sciences. The basis of the design team and production staff are former machine tool builders, whose operational excellence is known far beyond the borders of our city. Today OLIS Ltd produces about 200 items of equipment for grain processing industry. We have an opportunity to produce grain cleaning complexes, mills and grain workshops from the stage of technology development till the start-up of the objects on the equipment of our own production.

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Stolbovaya st., 28 , Odessa , 65098 Ukraine

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The main approach while designing and introduction into production is a reasonable reduction of machines’ quantity being used at the cost of increasing their technological effectiveness that leads to reduction of working area and other resources and, therefore, decreases running expenses and creation of such productions.

A significant attention was payed to grain quality control, because this is the basic factor of agribusiness success. We produce 16 laboratory items and carry into effect a complex laboratory equipping, supplying laboratory equipment of our own production side by side with the best equipment of other manufacturers. Today it is hard to imagine the laboratories for grain quality control without OLIS’s equipment.

Our company has a production level needed to ensure high-quality products – modern technology and the implementation of individual processes and the results of monitoring on each stage.

We invent, experiment on, project, design, produce, implement, train and continually teach ourselves.

Our technologies and equipment successfully compete with foreign counterparts, and are widely available to all CIS countries and a number of EU countries.

Ideology of our activities is to find simple methods to solve complicated technological problems, which allows providing of significant economic impact. Therefore, our facilities compare favorably with established performance over traditional approaches.

Mission of our company – is to promote the dynamic development of the grain processing industry as the most important sector of national economy, through introduction of modern technologies and machines which realize them. The availability of our technology and manufactured equipment is provided by openness of our knowledge to our customers, as well as reasonable price policy.