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Omnivent is the worldwide specialist in the development, manufacture and installation of modern ventilation and climate control technologies. We are unique worldwide as a provider of specific solutions at reasonable prices and with unequalled service. Omnivent`s strength is our proven storage concepts. For everything from new build projects to renovation within existing projects, Omnivent stands for a beginning-to-end concept from the design phase all the way to the delivery of your produce.

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We are pleased to introduce our company to you. For more than 60 years we have been an international specialist in small and large storage facilities for arable crops like potatoes, onions, carrots, and more.

Omnivent has been a specialist in the development, manufacture and installation of modern ventilation and air-conditioning techniques for over 60 years. We operate from our main office in the Netherlands with a team of 40 enthusiastic employees and have business locations all over the world. Our in-house production enables us to create specific storage solutions for all kinds of parties within the agricultural sector, from arable farmers, processors and multinationals.  We focus on both local and international situations, from planning to implementation.


Omnivent is part of Omnivent Holding, other subsidiaries include MB Koeltechniek in the Netherlands and Omnivent Spzoo in Poland. Also part of Omnivent Holding is a joint venture in China; The Beijing APH Omnivent Trading Company Ltd. This joint venture was created in collaboration with the APH Group. APH is a supplier of machines and equipment to increase the efficiency of professionals in the potato, vegetable, and irrigation business. APH is set up in 4 divisions: Field Equipment, Irrigation, In-store Solutions, and APH Engineering. The APH group represents Omnivent in terms of sales in several East European countries and Russia.

The subsidiary in Poland is partly responsible for our production and MB Koeltechniek is co-responsible for the cooling aspect. This special company structure enables us to develop customized storage solutions, thanks to years of expertise and our in-house production and R&D department.  

Omnivent Holding employs 150 passionate people who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure a high quality product.

Omnivent Provides for Everyone in the Agricultural Sector, from Small Growers to Large Agricultural Multinationals.

Omnivent started about 60 years ago as a small local ventilation supplier and has since grown into an international provider of storage technology. We have business locations all over the world, operating in more than 40 countries where we realize approximately 150-200 projects a year. Our products and services are extensively available in Africa, Canada, China, Egypt, Europe, East- Europe, India, Russia, UK, and former CIS countries. We work with a team of 10 area sales managers and a network of global agents and dealers.


The Best Storage
With headquarters in the Netherlands and branches worldwide, Omnivent is internationally active in maintaining the quality of arable farm produce and storage durability. This primarily involves potatoes, onions and winter carrots, from harvesting to processing.

This is our world

  • Minimal weight loss
  • Energy efficiency
  • High quality
  • Return on investment

Customer Specific and Unique Innovative Storage Solutions
Omnivent develops complete storage solutions with tailored storage management systems adapted to the specific requirements of variable industry sectors from arable farmers to multinationals. Through extensive knowledge of the industry needs, coupled with local climatic and economic factors, Omnivent focuses on the quality and yield benefits by making sustainability, reliability and energy efficiency its basic principles.

In this way Omnivent is closely involved with your farm before, during and after the storage season. Covering all customer needs from suction systems, room ventilation or box walls or bulk storage, Omnivent is there for you as a partner with carefully conceived storage plans for ventilation, humidification control, cooling and heating. Through structural innovation from research and development, together with our continuous pursuit of improvement, this has made Omnivent a clear market leader.


Our Primary Focus is the Quality of Your Produce.
Quality produce is best stored in a reliable and controllable storage facility. We deploy our reliable storage systems complete with our value added support to your farm or site, safeguarding the quality of your produce.


Sustainability in a Win-Win Situation
We are committed to delivering sustainable value for your farm through high-quality products, characterised by both long service life and high reliability.

Because we want to contribute to the sustainable use of raw materials, we take climatic and environmental factors into consideration in the development of our high-quality products. 

Omnivent is committed to ongoing research into innovations in the field of sustainability as part of its 'Development of sustainable storage systems' project. Among other things, this has resulted in our OmniCuro, OmniBreeze and OmniRecup products. This project is partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Commission.


Knowledge is the Key to Better Results.

Omnivent Stands for 'Storage & Knowledge''
Arable farming is a global activity, with each region having its own soil composition, climate and market. The high level of knowledge, advanced technology and extensive seed sector in the Netherlands make the country a world leader in agricultural production for crops such as potatoes.

In addition to supplying products for storage technology, Omnivent shares its expertise with countries where knowledge and experience in the storage of arable farm products can be improved though our guidance and historic know-how.

Omnivent Storage Academy
Since we are constantly learning and improving the storage process and conditions within storage cells, our Omnivent Storage Academy offers training courses for all arable farmers who want to achieve the best results from their storage process. Omnivent has advanced technical resources that can demonstrate the functionality of storage technologies using simulations. There are also training courses that focus on specific topics.

We Believe In Innovation.
This is why we invest in R&D in close cooperation with our customers. Since the founding of Omnivent, we have introduced numerous innovations in storage management for agricultural produce.

Some of Our Key Innovations:

  • OmniCuro, the smartest storage automation system available
  • OmniBreeze, a compact and versatile humidification control unit
  • OmniRecup for major energy savings in CO₂ ventilation

Our Innovations Benefit You!
Every product is unique, being developed, produced and installed in accordance with produce characteristics, local climatic conditions and available space. Omnivent is unique in offering specialised, high-quality solutions with the main focus on low weight loss during storage, energy efficiency and high quality.


We Focus On Your Produce
Our added value is maintaining the quality of your produce. Your return on the investment on your store is the result of a well-conceived storage system and assistance in devising an optimal storage plan.

Omnivent is unique in offering specialised, high-quality solutions with the main focus on low weight loss during storage, energy efficiency and high quality.