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  • Omnivent - Suction Ventilation

    Omnivent - Suction Ventilation

    For forced ventilation of the product in open boxes, stacked up to approximately 7.5 metres high. Because underpressure is created between two rows of boxes, the air is pulled through the boxes in a forced manner.

  • Omnivent - Drying Wall

    Omnivent - Drying Wall

    Forced ventilation of products in open or closed boxes up to approximately 7.5 metres high. Pallet openings ventilate a row of boxes per layer. Because of the oblique wall construction, the air distribution is optimized.

  • Room Ventilation

    Room Ventilation

    For storing the product in boxes at a specific temperature, in stacks of approximately 7.5 metres high. Ventilation takes place by a natural airflow around the boxes.

  • Green Cold Storage System

    Green Cold Storage System

    The perfect cold storage of your products requires a specialist's approach. Omnivent delivers cold storage solutions that are food-safe and environmentally friendly.