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  • One2Feed - Roughage Hopper

    One2Feed - Roughage Hopper

    One2Feed Roughage Hopper with horizontal storage and a moving floor conveying to prevent oxidation, ensuring that the oldest fodder is used first. Wastage is minimized and cleaning unnecessary. In 2008, the One2Feed automatic feeding system was introduced to the market. Since then the system has proven its value to dairy farmers at a global level, saving labor and optimizing profitability. Our ambition was to offer a system contributing to the...

  • One2Feed - Mixer

    One2Feed - Mixer

    One2Feed Mixer is made from the best and most durable materials, ensuring minimal maintenance and superior cleaning and hygiene. The mixer has a capacity of 3.5 m3. It is made of stainless steel and is available either with side doors or with frequency-controlled unloading belt. The mixer has an integrated weighing system. All ingredients are loaded with high precision. During the distribution the scale ensure even distribution. Speed, mixing and the...