One2Feed is a Danish designed and manufactured fully automated feeding system. The construction is based on durable proven technologies and components, requiring an absolute minimum of service and maintenance. In 2008, the One2Feed automatic feeding system was introduced to the market. Since then the system has proven its value to dairy farmers at a global level, saving labor and optimizing profitability. Our ambition was to offer a system contributing to the earnings of the farmer and at the same time offering the versatility to plan the daily work independently of the feeding routines. We believe we have succeeded, moreover we are proud that our customers share this opinion.

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Lysemosen 8 , Silkeborg , 8600 Denmark

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Internationally (various countries)

Less labor and more flexibility

Less labor and more flexibility
Traditional feeding is time consuming but is the most important and demanding job on a dairy farm. Optimal feeding requires precision and regularity. With One2Feed the job becomes a lot easier.

Precise feeding and better bottom line
Feed is the largest expense on a cattle farm and it is therefore essential for good financial results that feed is under 100% control, with a homogenous mix and exact distribution at every feeding.

One2Feed is based on experience
Combined with decades of experience with equipment operating on dairy farms and a commitment only to use proven technologies in One2Feed allows One2Feed to offer a durable efficient and high capacity feeding solution to dairy farmers at a global level.