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Orbach Agri (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned company with the following shareholders: GF Rautenbach, Elsa Rautenbach, Anina Burger, PJ Rautenbach, and GF Rautenbach Jnr. The company has been operational for 20 years. Since 1991 Orbach has specialized in the manufacturing of grass cutting machines custom-made for African crops and conditions. The company aims to fill a gap in the farming industry created by large overseas companies that only design and develop tools for European conditions with no focus on the African market, because this market is still relatively small. With the development of the SM mower series, for the past 20 years Orbach Agri has managed to develop a machine built stronger and more long-lasting than imported machines that can endure the onslaught of rocks and rough conditions. These benefits were added without making the machine less competitive when it comes to high-speed performance, neatness of the cut, and low KW required from the tractor.

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Leopoldt Street 257, Nelsonia , Midvaal , South Africa

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Another new Orbach development is the lucerne conditioner. This machine functions independently by crushing hay like lucerne that was raked into wind rows, directly after cutting. Because of the simplified construction of the conditioner, and because it does not have a cutting action, the machine is built strong to last longer than mower-conditioner machines. The biggest benefit for using this type of conditioning of wind rows is that there is virtually no leaf losses of lucerne because it is raked when wet, directly after cutting. The aggression with which the conditioner works is adjustable to different crops .

In the area of sugarcane, Orbach has also developed a machine for sugar cane harvesting. This machine is powered by a standard tractor and can cut, remove the tops, and bundle the sugar cane together for easy transport to the mill.

The latest Orbach development is the harvesting tray that can be mounted onto any Orbach machine to harvest the grass seeds while grass are being cut.
We expect a lot of interest in this product because it is a new development in this field.

  • In the long run, Orbach machines are the most economical mowers to use for the cutting of hay (See 'What does it cost to cut hay?' below).
  • Orbach machines have been specifically designed and developed since 1991 for South Africa and African conditions and crops, for example Eragrostis grass. Continuous feedback from SA farmers helped developed this product into an excellent mower. Large overseas companies are mainly focused on turnover and the development of products exclusively for European conditions that are very different to that of Africa. Europe for example is not familiar with Eragrostis.
  • Orbach machines consist of a very strong frame with cutting drums/discs operating under the frame which come in contact with rocks and soil where the wear and tear occur. This frame is strong enough to last a lifetime, and the rest of the parts that can be mounted to the frame are always available. For this reason Orbach machines have the ability to last very long.
  • The unique Orbach operating patent replaced the gear-driven systems with V-belt propelled systems. This is much more practical and requires low maintenance, making this mower very cost effective and easy to maintain.
  • Orbach has the only mower that can cut in the field without the risk of rocks and objects damaging the machine.
  • Unlike other brands, Orbach decided to standardize bearings, seals, belts and pulleys which makes it easier for farmers to manage maintenance programs.
  • With all these added benefits pertaining only to Orbach machines, we can claim today that we are at the top of the list when it comes to performance of cutting abilities, neatness of cut, cutting speed and low wastage of hay of our machines.