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  • Orbach - Model KM1700 - Lucerne Conditioner

    Orbach - Model KM1700 - Lucerne Conditioner

    This conditioner that is 1.5 meters wide, is primarily intended for the conditioning of alfalfa (lucerne), previously raked into wind rows. This means that alfalfa is first raked into wind rows immediately after cutting, and then the rows are conditioned directly afterwards. Steel rollers do the conditioning, and is powered by a single gearbox that is connected to the tractor PTO. A 35 KW tractor is needed. The lower roller is set to run just...

  • Orbach - Golf and Park Mowers

    Orbach - Golf and Park Mowers

    Orbach Agri started eight years ago to adjust their cutting machines/mowers for the cutting of Golf Courses, Parks and Sports fields such as rugby fields, soccer fields and cricket fields. Firstly, to be able to do that the machines had to be adapted to run behind the tractor instead of next to it enabling the mower to cut between trees. The cutting height is also lower than the other mowers. Orbach used the experience gained over the years in the...

  • Orbach - Sugar Cane Harvesters

    Orbach - Sugar Cane Harvesters

    Orbach Agri has done a lot of research for the sugar cane farmers in order to develop a machine that can cut sugar cane, remove the tops and then bundle them so that they can be easily loaded and transported to the mill. With mixed success, Orbach has put this project on hold in 2010 because the interest in mechanisation decreased as a result of the Zimbabwean influx of labourers. This project can be resumed when the demand for mechanisation...