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  • Log Splitters

  • Oregon - 6-Ton Log Splitter

    Oregon - 6-Ton Log Splitter

    A portable and economical way to split wood. This 6-Ton electric log splitter can split wood up to 20.5' in length with no gas or engine oil required. It has a separate pump and valve, automatic push plate and built-in log cradle. Ships fully assembled.

  • Oregon - 22-Ton Log Splitter

    Oregon - 22-Ton Log Splitter

    The 22-ton log splitter from OREGON® is perfect for use around the home and powerful enough for heavy users. It can split logs up to 24' in length. This unit comes equipped with either a Kohler or Honda engine; it's your choice.

  • Oregon - 28-Ton Log Splitter

    Oregon - 28-Ton Log Splitter

    The 28-ton log splitter provides commercial grade force that allows for splitting logs up to 24' diamater. This unit comes equipped with either a 277cc KohlerOREGON - 28-Ton Log Splitter or 270cc Honda engine.

  • PowerSharp- Precision Saw Chain Sharpening System

  • PowerSharp - Model 91PS - Saw Chain and Sharpening Stone System

    PowerSharp - Model 91PS - Saw Chain and Sharpening Stone System

    PowerSharp 91PS (Low Profile) chain, a part of the PowerSharp precision saw chain sharpening system, features top-sharpening cutters with depth gauge tie straps and guidance drive links for low-kickback performance, good chip flow, and smooth cutting action. IMPORTANT: Designed to be used only with the PowerSharp system.

  • Low-Kick Saw Chain

  • Forestry Harvester Saw Chains

  • Model 11BC - Harvester Chain

    Model 11BC - Harvester Chain

    The big, burly old pro with updated features that keep this chain a top performer in modern harvesting applications. product description here....

  • Model 11H - Harvester Chain

    Model 11H - Harvester Chain

    The 21st-century chain that is the secret to long life in the harsh world of mechanical timber harvesting.

  • Model 18HX, 18HJX - Harvester Chain

    Model 18HX, 18HJX - Harvester Chain

    OREGON 18HX harvester saw chain is an enhanced version of our aggressive, durable 18H chain built exclusively for mechanized timber harvesters.

  • Model 16H - Harvester Chain

    Model 16H - Harvester Chain

    OREGON 16H harvester chain is designed to cut fast and cut reliably under the high stress of mechanical harvesting.

  • Harvester Bars

  • Jet-Fit - Solid Harvester Bars

    Jet-Fit - Solid Harvester Bars

    OREGON Jet-Fit bars allow harvester operators to change the bar and chain on their machines quickly, in about 30 seconds. In addition to the quick-change Jet-Fit motor mount, solid-body Jet-Fit bars offer all the durability, reliability, performance, and superior features of our Solid Harvester line of bars.