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Penergetic Canada

Sustainable agriculture, biological farming and holistic agriculture are interchangeable terms often used to describe an approach to farming that takes into account the interrelationship between soil, plants and animals in a closed-loop system of nourishment. Sustainable agriculture seeks to “sustain” economic viability, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Penergetic products embody these same principles of sustainability. By taking a holistic approach to agriculture, farm manure is optimized, soil fertility is strengthened, animal health is naturally supported and plants are fortified.

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101- 8988 Fraserton Court , Burnaby , British Columbia V5J 5H8 Canada


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Crop Cultivation
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Internationally (various countries)

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Based on the premise that agriculture can be conducted in a manner that mindful of the principles of sustainability evident in nature, farming is a biological process not an industrial process, where the objective is to promote life and, in the process, generate a favourable economic return. Working with nature causes many problems to be designed out of the system, while at the same time reducing operating costs. Instead of relying solely on technology to fix problems, it is important to take a closer look at the root cause of the problem – be it underperforming soils, stress in livestock, odour or insect larvae in manure or disease affecting crops.  The objective of the penergetic approach to farming is to work in harmony with nature to prevent or overcome problem situations.

Penergetic products provide holistic ecological solutions for agriculture. Restoring valuable organic fertilizers can be achieved by using the Penergetic-g slurry treatment and the Penergetic-k dry manure/compost treatment. Plants and crops are fortified with the Penergetic-p plant strengthener, reducing reliance on chemical fertilizers. Animal health is naturally supported with the Penergetic-t animal nutrient.

The Penergetic technology is distinctly unique in the market today – providing holistic ecological solutions for agriculture. The Penergetic approach allows ecological cycles to be closed from environmental distress efficiently and often permanently. By relying on the utilization of existing natural resources, it satisfies present needs without diminishing the opportunities of future generations.

Penergetic products work to promote the natural defence mechanisms in the agro-ecological system. In human health, this is analogous to taking a natural preventive medicine (say a homeopathic) to increase your body’s defences and support the immune system as a means of protecting against the onset of an ailment instead of using an allopathic (prescriptive) medicine to address a symptomatic condition. This is similar to the difference between the penergetic approach and the use of chemical farm inputs. In farming, healthy vibrant crops reduce the need for chemical inputs (against infestation, disease and even weeds) and permit higher yields and profitability.

Penergetic products are listed with the Organic Materials Review Institiute (OMRI) and are suitable for organic, transitioning or conventional farms. The use of Penergetic products allows ecological cycles to be closed from environmental distress efficiently and permanently.