Pennington Seed, Inc.

Pennington Seed, Inc.

Pennington Seed, Inc. engages in the production, packaging, and distribution of lawn, garden, and turf care products. The company`s products include lawn fertilizers and seeds, lawn and garden chemicals, lawn repair mulch, seed coatings, wild game and wild bird feed, wildflower seeds, forage and vegetable seeds, soil amendments, play sand, wood pellets for the fuel industry, decorative rock, and pots and planters. It serves customers through dealers internationally. Pennington Seed, Inc. was founded in 1945 and is headquartered in Madison, Georgia. It has manufacturing facilities, observation nurseries, and quality control labs in the United States.

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P.O. Box 290 , Madison , Georgia (US) 30650 USA
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Pennington’s story began in a small seed store on Main Street in Madison, Georgia in 1945. Brooks Pennington, Sr., our founder, originally started out supplying the local farmers and ranchers with quality cotton, soybean and agricultural grass seeds.

As Brooks Pennington, Jr. began running the business, we moved out of the retail seed business and set our sights on supplying agricultural seed to retailers across the southeastern U.S. The company began to concentrate on the grass seed business, first for pastures and forage products and later for lawns and turf. As the company’s grass seed business grew Pennington found itself actually growing the best grass seed on the market. Pennington extended its growing facilities into Missouri, Arizona and eventually to the fertile Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Pennington Today:
Today, Pennington is a Central Garden and Pet Company (NASDAQ: CENT) company, with over 1,000 employees and over 16,000 dealers worldwide.

We may have over 1,000 employees and over 16,000 dealers worldwide now, but we still are dedicated to providing the finest grass seed in the industry. Unlike our competition, we have a close relationship with our farmers, who we can trust to produce high-quality grass seed. With 39,000 acres of grass farms in Oregon alone, it’s important we give back to the farmers that give to us.

Not only do we grow our grass in the U.S.A., we’ve partnered with various universities and acquired the largest private grass seed research facility in the U.S.A., NexGen Turf Research, to enable us to grow only the best grasses science can deliver.

The Next Generation:
Superior grass starts with superior seed. In 2007, we realized we needed to further our commitment to providing the most drought-tolerant, superior grass seed in the industry. We acquired NexGen, the largest private grass research facility in the U.S.A., located in Willamette Valley, Oregon.

Today, the majority of our grass seed is developed at our NexGen Research facility and—grown by farmers we know and trust in the Willamette Valley of Oregon—backed by years of research.

While competitors can only claim their seed is superior, we continue to back our products with science and research.