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  • Tillage

  • Perrein - Express Plough

    Perrein - Express Plough

    Better than ploughing: The Express Plough does not create hardpan, restructures the topsoil, refines the surface layer, and creates a mulch on the top. Exchanges between subsoil and topsoil are improved, as are the drainage of rainwater and rooting crops. The decomposition of stubble is faster, organic matter is not diluted.

  • Front Nivelsem Tillage Machine

    Front Nivelsem Tillage Machine

    Save time: Optimize your seeding time, doing two operations in one pass. Soil preservation: Diminish soil compaction with the best front and rear balancing of your tractor.

  • Seeding

  • Novaflex - Seeding Drill

    Novaflex - Seeding Drill

    The working speed of up to 15km/h, insures high hourly output. At work the drill is carried by the rear roll and the hitch. The top link is in floating mode, the carried drill runs like a trailed drill. Available from 3m to 8m width, it suits your farm.

  • Transport

  • Jumbo - Fertilizer Cart

    Jumbo - Fertilizer Cart

    Saving money: With a capacity of up to 9000l, the Jumbo brings you autonomy, using only one operator and one tractor for your spreading operations. Buy a Jumbo is cheaper than buying a trailed spreader. The accuracy of your carried fertilizer spreader and the autonomy of your trailed fertilizer spreader. Save time loading you spreader with less man holding and machines.

  • Grain Cart

    Grain Cart

    The Perrein grain cart helps you save precious minutes in the field, allowing you to unload the combine’s tank while it’s harvesting. Avoid soil compaction by the lorry’s tires, using the Perrein grain cart instead. The large diameter tires of the Perrein grain cart. Limit the need for pulling power. Respect the soil structure . Your combine doesn’t stop for unloading.

  • Earthwork

  • Levelling Blade

    Levelling Blade

    For all kind of users: It may be used with a tractor from 90 to 200 hp depending on the grader type (NP or TP). The concrete ballast allows for a high scraping capacity. For casual users: The NP model will provide you with high quality work for a low investment cost. One trailed grader for all your scraping, path refection, leveling and snow removing operations.