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Better than ploughing: The Express Plough does not create hardpan, restructures the topsoil, refines the surface layer, and creates a mulch on the top. Exchanges between subsoil and topsoil are improved, as are the drainage of rainwater and rooting crops. The decomposition of stubble is faster, organic matter is not diluted.

You do not want to plough, but you need to work your soil in depth. The  Express Plough loosens the soil, dethatches, mixes the soil with the residues to make a mulch, without flipping over the soil, in one single pass...

More than plowing

The association discs, shanks, wings, discs and rolls can work without clogging, with deep cracking, mix residues without burying, and tamping the ground breaking clods.

You save money

Control your costs with an easy driving implement, a low cost maintenance and a reasonable investment.

  • Buying a plow Express costs 40% less than traditional plow working with the same width.
  • Maintenance cost of wear parts is divided by 2 compared to conventional plowing.
  • In use, the power required is 33% lower than with a conventional plow, you increase your working rate over 30%.

You save time

  • From 2 to 6m width, the work output ranges from 1.5 to 5 ha per hour depending on the model.
  • Usually, plowing is difficult to achieve and requires experience. With a Express Plough, driving and maintenance settings are easy, even an inexperienced driver can use a Express Plough, leaving you time for other activities.

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