Pfanzelt Maschinenbau GmbH

Pfanzelt Maschinenbau was founded in 1991 by owner and head engineer Paul Pfanzelt. It started its business with the production and assembly of hydraulic logging winches for three-point-hitch, receiver-hitch and permanent mounting on tractors. Ever since its founding, Pfanzelt Maschinenbau stands for innovation, profitability and safety in forestry work.

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Frankau 37 , Rettenbach a. Auerberg , D-87675 Germany

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Agriculture - Forestry
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Since we are located in the middle of an area rich in forest and mountains, we have our testing range right in front of our door step- that way you can be sure that all our machines have been tested extensively under real-life, difficult working conditions.

Idea Smith from the Allgäu

We see ourselves as an idea smith- the direct contact to our customers is very important to us. Many of our innovations were developed thanks to the ideas, needs and wishes of our customers- their input helps us to design the machines you really need. We want to create machines that present a practicable solution for your daily workload, that make your job easy, efficient and profitable.

The Company Grows - From Winches to a Full-Line Producer

Since our winch- sales volume continued to grow, we expanded our product range in 1996 by adding a second product category: the logging trailer for professionals. After extensive expansion of our production halls and administrative buildings, we launched the forwarder “Felix” in 2001, followed by the launches of the PM loading cranes in 2002 and the forestry systemtractor “PM Trac” in 2005.

But also after 2005 Pfanzelt Maschinenbau continued to develop new innovations: the last one in 2010, with the S-Line product line for hydraulic geared winches and logging trailers.

Today, Pfanzelt Maschinenbau offers the widest product range for professional forestry labor “Made in Germany”.

Quality Made in Germany

Everything we produce is Made in Germany - in Rettenbach, Allgäu

Qualified employees and local partners are essential for our success- that’s why Pfanzelt Maschinenbau is proud to produce only in Germany. This way we are able to commit long-term to the jobs of currently more than 80 employees. Our focus lies in a fair and flexible job environment, respecting the individual private needs of all our employees. To avoid unnecessary CO2-production and to keep short distances, we rely on the expertise of local partners.

High quality products due to high production depth

At Pfanzelt Maschinenbau, we believe in producing most of the parts we need ourselves, contrary to the “modern” production philosophy of buying everything from external suppliers.

Nevertheless, a part made by us may never be more expensive than a supplier part; by keeping the market price in mind, we avoid unnecessary costs for our customers. The extensive know-how in our company does not only allow us to design and produce parts ourselves; it helps us to react more flexibly to changes and customizations.

Apprentices and Continuous Training: Investment into Future Innovations

With currently 10 apprentices in metal processing and warehouse logistics as well as several student trainees, Pfanzelt Maschinenbau’s involvement in educating the next generation is above average. We don’t only see the training of young people as a way to avoid future lack of talent, but also as a social responsibility towards society.