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  • Model S-line - Hydraulic Geared Winches

    Model S-line - Hydraulic Geared Winches

    A winch with an easy run, powerful pull and forceful breaks: The Pfanzelt S-Line-Winch caters to the needs of professional and part-time-loggers alike, especially thanks to the sinter-disc clutch and brake, the oil-bathed worm gear and serial radio control functions.

  • Model S-line - Logging Trailers

    Model S-line - Logging Trailers

    The S-line logging trailer 9242 with 8 or 9.2 to permitted total weight on public roads is the ideal logging trailer for private use or firewood- suppliers. The logging trailer has been designed for the semi-professional logger, as it is similar in engineering and functionality. The construction of the S-line logging trailer consists of a bolted double frame made from specialty U-steel. As far as the configuration is concerned, a plethora of modern...

  • Logging Trailer with Drive System

    Logging Trailer with Drive System

    In addition to the standard logging trailer, Pfanzelt also offers a logging trailer with drive system as part of its Profi series. Especially when working in challenging areal or on unstable underground, the logging trailers can be equipped with a variety of drive systems, such as mechanicals drives as well as friction drives.

  • Crane Trailers

    Crane Trailers

    Universal trailers with a loading crane and mounted switch tipping bridge are ideal for year-round use in timber yards, builder yards or landscape building companies. It gets more and more important to work with fewer employees and a tighter budget, but to still be able to work with high efficiency. The Pfanzelt crane tipper as a year-round vehicle offers enormous reserves to augment the job performance and optimize the cost-effectiveness.

  • Model Pm Trac - Forestry Tractor

    Model Pm Trac - Forestry Tractor

    If you are working in multiple areas such as agriculture, forestry, environmental care or communal work, you need a modern vehicle system that can be used flexibly in a variety of areas. The combination of a continuously variable drive, a support frame for heavy working equipment and a middle cabin with a swiveling driver’s station enables you to master many kinds of working projects. The middle cabin offers a modern and well-arranged working...

  • Felix - Forestry Specialty Tractor

    Felix - Forestry Specialty Tractor

    Ever since its introduction in 2001, the Pfanzelt Program for specialty tractors in forestry has been improved and expanded continuously. The forestry specialty tractor Felix is now available as a 4 wheel as well as a 6 wheel version, and comes in 3 types.

  • Vehicle Winches

    Vehicle Winches

    Pfanzelt Maschinenbau offers state of the art solutions for lifting and pulling weights of up to 45 t.  The variety of our product palette consists of standard winches, e.g. rescue winches for the fire department or the THW, up to custom made system solutions. The Pfanzelt modular series for vehicle winch systems offer winches with lifting and pulling forces of 30 to 150 kN. You can choose between various types of winch drive systems for the...

  • Customized Machines

    Customized Machines

    The ideas, wishes and thoughts of our clients inspire us to continuously improve and develop our product palette. As soon as our clients wishes go beyond what our serial machines have to offer, we start to design a custom made machine- a machine that is specifically designed and constructed for special areas of use or defined work processes.