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  • Pfanzelt Geared Cable Winches

    The Pfanzelt product range includes a very wide selection of cable winches. The product range extends from standard cable winches to custom-made system solutions.

  • Pfanzelt - Professional Geared Cable Winches

    Pfanzelt - Professional Geared Cable Winches

    Mature tree harvesting on flat ground or thinning on steep slopes – the demands on a professional geared cable winch vary according to the area of application and the available equipment. Pfanzelt professional geared cable winches are based on an adaptable modular system and can therefore be easily adapted to the specific deployment conditions. The preassembled Profi Eco special offer models are available at an especially attractive price.

  • Forwarding Trailers

    Pfanzelt product range offers customised solutions designed to fulfil every task in relation to meeting the growing need for wood as a raw material, whether as lumber or biomass. The challenge whether loading or transport big or small loads, it always to be able to work efficiently and ergonomically. Pfanzelt forwarding trailers are divided into three product groups in accordance with the requirements: S-line, Profi and logLINE.

  • Pfanzelt - Model S-Line - Forwarding Trailers

    Pfanzelt - Model S-Line - Forwarding Trailers

    The Pfanzelt S-line forwarding trailer is especially designed for use by private forest owners. With its low profile design, hydraulic overrun brake and licensing for speeds up to 40 km/h on public roads, the S-line forwarding trailer is a universal machine with the same underlying engineering as the professional forwarding trailer.

  • logLINE - Forwarding Trailers

    logLINE - Forwarding Trailers

    The logLINE forwarding trailer series rounds off the Pfanzelt forwarding trailer range with two top of the range models. These models are characterised by uncompromising, powerful professional technology.

  • Cranes

    The Pfanzelt crane range is one of the most extensive on the market. The modern and powerful professional cranes are available in various lifting classes from 4 to 9 m/t and reaches up to 10 m. In addition to the technical specifications, the cranes also differ in their construction.

  • Pfanzelt - Forestry Loading Cranes

    Pfanzelt - Forestry Loading Cranes

    Pfanzelt loading cranes are designed for professional service. The specifications of the cranes vary according to whether they are intended for use on a Pfanzelt forwarding trailer or an a carrier vehicle (tractor, harvesting machine etc.). These can also be mounted on the 3-point hitch of a standard tractor.