Phenome-Networks is a privately owned Israeli bioinformatics company that developed a web-based platform for data integration in breeding research. Our forte is in simple and intuitive graphics of trends and patterns that can be converted to knowledge and genetic markers. Phenome-Networks’ platform consists of two components: 1) breeding data management, and 2) statistical analysis of biological experiments. These are being used by customers in the private sector, academic laboratories and EU research projects. The company is based in Israel in close proximity to the Faculty of Agriculture of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Weizmann Institute.

Company details

10 Menahem Plaut Street , Rehovot , 76706 Israel

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Software vendor
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Internationally (various countries)

Our vision
Research community is generating thousands of studies where complex phenotypes are being measured in biological populations. As opposed to DNA sequence information, which has to be deposited in appropriate databases (NCBI, etc) with publication of a scientific paper, phenotypic data is not deposited anywhere.
Our vision is that Phenome-Networks will evolve to accommodate studies in multiple organisms using a similar vocabulary. Thus, for example, factors that limit yield in different crops could be defined more accurately if QTL experiments are conducted by different groups in diverse locations and genetic backgrounds. We believe that Phenome Networks is an efficient platform for geno/pheno integration both in breeding houses and the academic community. Towards this goal we are open to any suggestions, comments or collaborations.

Phenome-Networks offers:

  • Full-featured breeding management statistical and graphical analysis of phenotypes, genotypes, and pedigrees - all in a single web-based cloud computing platform that is linked to seed envelopes
  • Improved productivity for independent breeders or larger organizations with multiple crops
  • Advanced tools for academic labs involved in phenomics
  • Beginning with one module and adding functionality as needed