Pickett Equipment

Pickett Equipment

Pickett Equipment, located in Burley, Idaho manufactures the most innovative and advanced edible bean harvesting equipment known to growers all over the world. With bean prices climbing higher than a year ago, bean equipment sales are growing. Pickett sales are primarily to growers that are still using the old conventional knife method to harvest beans. Switching to the Pickett One-Step Rod Cutter affords a simple, more cost effective alternative to knifing. This system will cut and windrow in a single pass with less crop loss. All bean-growing areas have different climates and harvesting conditions and the Pickett One-Step has the durability and versatility to meet any condition.

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976 East Main Street , Burley , Idaho 83318 USA
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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)

Pickett Equipment also manufactures platforms and pickup heads for any conventional combine or various pull-type combines on the market. Pickett's universal platform has special auger features to feed the combine evenly. Elongated holes (rather than round holes) in the platform's bottom removes a high percentage of dirt.

The eight-finger tube pickup operates higher and slower than any pickup head on the market. These features allow for less crop loss and provide a more even flow of beans into the combine.

Pickett Equipment entered the combine market in 2000 with the Double Master Plus Edible Bean Combine. The combine is built in Brazil to Pickett Equipment's specifications and is sold through our authorized dealers. This rotary-type combine is simple to operate and will deliver the quality in the bin that today's market demands. The Double Master Plus works in adverse conditions and will not stain beans due to green vines or nightshade.

Pickett Equipment is proud to introduce the Twin Master Edible Bean Combine to our line of harvesting equipment. The combine is large enough to meat the demands of large operations. This is a large capacity two cylinder rotary pull type combine. The Twin Master's offset pull tongue allows the tractor to be operated off to the side of the windrows through the use of a swivel gearbox to keep driveline angles constant. The Twin Master's pickup head is large enough to pickup double windrows, saving time and money, with fewer trips across the field.

All combines come with a monitor system to calibrate and maintain optimum speeds for any threshing condition. Because these combines are specially made for beans, germination tests on seed beans has exceeded previous germination test results from other conventional or pull-type combines on the market. The combine's low maintenance design includes a vacuuming system along with numerous locations to eliminate dirt. The high-volume, low impact threshing, delivers quality beans to the bin that appear polished.